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Tula Daan & Alms

Tula Daan & Alms

What is Tula Daan

Tula Daan is a special ethical astral remedy performed by highly qualified professionals. Tula Daan remedy is recommended in cases where an individual suffers from such a disease that is not curable by medicines or is not diagnosable. Tula Daan “Puja” is carried out only by very specialized people who acquired this technique form their ancestors. They follow very old Indian Traditional Rules.

Here the Puja begins with “ANUSHTHAN”, which is of the duration of a couple of hours. This followed by the main part where an individual, for whom the Puja is performed, will sit on one side of ‘Manual Balance’ (used by grocery shopkeepers), and on the other side of balance material were kept, according to the bad energy of the stars. Until the balance shows the same weight on both the side, the flow of materials should be continued. These materials are listed by astrologer before hence, considering once horoscope. This may include eatables such as wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar etc., cloth, wood, metal like Bronze, Copper, Iron etc.

Only our organization has the specialists for Tula Daan who are very famous all over the world. They have an experience of more than 35 years. They are often called for performing this Puja in various places in India as well as abroad.

The word Daan is a Sacred donation made by an individual for the benefit of his or her aspect, it been called as Sacred Donations or Alms. Practices for the attraction and pleasure of auspicious (anukool or favorable) planets and also to mitigate any inauspicious (pratikool or unfavorable) planetary influences. This is another way to incorporate the use of fine, natural gems by donating them in a specified manner for enhanced effect. Each planet is colored with their widely accepted “cosmic color.”
Only Needy Hungry and the poor can be given donations, Donations can be made in cow’s stable, temples, all religious places, educational places, Orphanages & Hospitals & Teachers, Karam Kandi Appropriate Bhramins ( Supatra) & Religious people & Jyotishvids only.


Tula Daan for Shani Dev, Donation to appease the Planet Sun _ (On Sunday): Ruby, coral, wheat, jaggery, ghee, red cloth, sandalwood, saffron flowers.
Donation to appease the planets moon (On Monday): White cloth, rice, curd, sandalwood, camphor, flowers, conch.
Donation to appease the planet Mars (On Tuesday) : Gold, copper, lentil, jaggery, ghee, red cloth, saffron, sandalwood.
Donation to appease the planet Mercury (On Wednesday) – Emerald, gold, green cloth, lentil, sugar, ghee, flowers, fruits, camphor, Dakshina.
Donation to appease the planet Jupiter (On Thursday) – Topaz, Gold, Yellow cloth, Chana (grams), Turmeric, Jaggery, Ghee, flowers, fruits books, Dakshina.
Donation to appease the planets Venus (On Friday) – Diamond, Gold, Silver, cloth, rice, Sugar candy, milk, curd, sandalwood, flowers
Donation to appease to planet Saturn (on Saturday) – Sapphire, gold, black cloth, oil, horse bean, music, flowers, Dakshina.
Donation to appease the Planet Rahu – Agate, gold, lead, blue cloth, blanket, Sesanum, mustard oil, flowers, Dakshina.
Donation to appease planet Ketu – Gold, bluish grey cloth, seven types of cereals, oil coconut, knife, Dakshina.The Time Of Donation:
Donations to the Gods should be offered in the early morning. To eliminate doshas, ailments in human donations should be offered in the afternoon. For deceased ancestor, donations should be offered in the night or evening. Donations to the spirits should be done in the evening.

One should donate for Tula Daan and any other Daan’s on the following Tithis (dates)
Shukla Poornima in Jyestha, Vaishakh month, Dasham or Poornima day in Aashad month, Krishna Ashtami in Shravana month , Tritiya of Krishna Paksha in month of Bhadrapada , Kartik Shukla Dwadeshi and Poornima , Paush Shukla Ekadashi, Mayh Shukla Tritiya and Saptami, Phalguna Amavasya in Poornima , Chaitra Krishna Panchami , Chaitra Shukla Panchami Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya , Kartik Shukla Saptami , Margshish Shukla Navami ,Magh Shukla Trayodashi , Phalgun Krishna Tritiya.
One should donate during solar and lunar eclipse. If there is incidentally a solar eclipse on a Sunday and lunar eclipse on a Monday it creates a Chudamani Yoga. The donation done on these days reaps limitless benefits. One gets special benefits if one donates on days of Amavasya, Poornima, Sankranti, Vyatipat, Vaidhriti Yoga.


Godaan (Donating Cow) – Direct or indirectly.
Donating Land – According to one’s ability.
Donating Gold – According to one’s ability or 34 Grams.
Donating Silver – According to one’s ability or 2 Kilos.
Donating clothes – Cloth measuring 8 yards. Donating grain/cereals – According to one’s ability or 100 Kilo.
Donating Ghee – According to one’s ability or 20 Kilos
Donating Jaggery – According to one’s ability or 13 Kilos.
Donating Sesanum – According to one’s ability or 18 Kg.
Donating Salt – According to one’s ability or 135 Kg.
These are the alums/ daans one can generally do.

Get your ‘Tula Daan’ Done



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2 thoughts on “Tula Daan & Alms”

Ranjana Misra 12/09/2019 at 8:11 PM

I live in a village in Bihar , want to do Tula Daan . Can I donate grains to my employees who work in my farm, plz suggest


    AstroKapoor 26/09/2019 at 3:14 PM

    Offering donation in the form of ‘Tula Daan’ include the procedure of Vedic Mantras. You can donate generally if you want without Tula Daan.


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