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Pukhraaj Benefits

Pukhraaj Benefits

Top Ten Benefit of Pukhraaj-Yellow Sapphire

Pukhraaj (Pukhraaj) is a stone of affinity and growth.

It catalyzes Jupiter, when Jupiter well placed in the horoscope

It is very beneficial for teacher and individuals who are concerned with imparting knowledge

Wearing Pukhraaj helps to increase business professionals, who are in the business of yellow items.

Pukhraaj is a great help when selecting a suitable life partner

This stone helps to increase concentration and removes sleeplessness

It helps a family to blessed with a son in the family

It helps to remove disease related to heart, epilepsy, severe cough and unconsciousness

It is an excellent stone to remove a malefic and ill effect of Jupiter

This precious gemstone provides overall growth in the life prospect

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