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white sapphire

White Sapphire

White Sapphire
White sapphire of Jyotish quality is a very rare gemstone of all. A Jyotish gem has to be beautiful, lustrous and full of correct and accurate gemological properties. It should have spark that can empower to work like a Vedic gemstone besides being naturally and unheated.
White Sapphire is the gemstone for Venus. It is the planet of beauty and luxury and represents the style, panache and class. The same attributes should be in the gemstone –white sapphire. An ideal White Sapphire are very rare than Blue Sapphires and Yellow Sapphires. A strict policy at Astrokapoor and a dedicated team of gems experts ensures only top quality and top grade gemstone to be listed for its valuable customers.

Buy White Sapphire Online
White Sapphire pendants and engagement are very durable for use because sapphire is the hard material made of mineral corundum. It is scratch resistant and very durable. On Mohs scale, it is rated as 9, and this makes it the second hardest natural stone that is widely used in jewelry industries.
White Sapphire is one of most popular gemstone, but rare. The effect of planet Venus can be enhanced by wearing white sapphire gemstone. White sapphire meaning is associated with Venus, great luck and fortune for the wearer, growth and happiness.

Can anybody wear White Sapphire Gemstone?
White Sapphire is a Jyotish gemstone, therefore it is essential to go for a thorough analysis of the horoscope and the birth chart. A Jyotish quality white sapphire has an immense powerful impact on the physical body of the person. So it should be worn only after a detailed astrological analysis of the horoscope.

Are White Sapphire stones rare?
White Sapphire is perfect alternative for diamonds and is a very rare gem, its natural occurrence is very limited. It is found in very minute quantity. Most sapphires occur naturally, pale or off white in color. These gems are treated to obtain a clear and colorless look to add luster to the gem. Lab certification is essential to reveal the genuine quality of gemstone.



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