Top 20 benefits of white sapphire gemstone

Top 20 Benefits of White Sapphire

White Sapphire Gemstone
The white sapphire gemstone is also called as Safed Pukhraaj. It gives an enormous benefit to the wearer. White Sapphire is the best substitute for Diamond. It is ruled by planet Venus, which is associated with love and beauty. It has metaphysical properties very similar to diamonds so is considered best in place of diamonds. Like, Jupiter white sapphire bestows a person with the health, wealth and the prosperity. It brings wisdom and strength. White sapphire gemstone gives enormous benefits to the wearers which are as follows. White sapphire gemstone stimulates the pineal and the pituitary gland. It gives the courage to move behind the negative stress of life. It also teaches the spiritual courage and increases the brain ability. Sapphire is a stone of power, desire, consciousness and dream.
• White Sapphire can help to connect with the higher self.
• White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength to the wearer.
• White Sapphire is the stone of love, romance, calms focuses the mind.
• White Sapphire increases the quality of fairness, durability and objectivity.
• White Sapphire is a token of pure and lasting love.
• Whit Sapphire increases communication and sensuality.
• White Sapphire heals the crown chakra and the nervous system.
• White Sapphire releases the mind with the negative thought and brings positive energy.
• White Sapphire enhances objectivity and clarity.
• White Sapphire increases self confidence and clears the mind.
• White Sapphire is recommended for pregnant women for easy childbirth.
• White Sapphire gives prosperity, name and fame to the wearer.
• White Sapphire improves relationship and brings charms between the two people.
• White Sapphire positively influences Venus and removes malefic effect of Jupiter along with the Venus.
• White Sapphire clears the mind and is helpful in meditation.
• White Sapphire increases financial abundance and prosperity.
• Whit Sapphire heals the nervous system and strengthens the blood vessel.
• White Sapphire is best for people who are in the business of silver and white products.
• White Sapphire is professionally good for artist, actors and administrators.
White Sapphire increase the creativity of the wearer.

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Hrithik Jasrapuria 15/09/2019 at 11:58 AM

Can it be used as an substitute of diamond or natural white zircon


Mayur 25/07/2019 at 6:33 PM

Article is wrong! It is listed benefits of Emerald that is for mercury. Also mentioned name Jupiter in 3rd line which is again not relevant to the topic.


    AstroKapoor 28/07/2019 at 7:06 PM

    Hello Mayur,

    We welcome your opinion but similar benefits belong to more than one star also at a time.

    AstroKapoor Team


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