Gems and Dream Interpretation

Gems and Dream Interpretation

Dream to acquire a beautiful gem is a very common and heartiest wish for a man. But dreaming of beautiful gems and jewellery, while we are asleep has different meanings and it gives a certain understanding for your upcoming future life. Dream interpretation of gemstones helps to understand your hopes or fears or avoid any upcoming unfortunate or dangerous situation.

Precious gemstones are a symbol of your in-depth personality. In general, dream about gem is usually a very good sign and it also increases your personal affairs, love life and business dealings, because the symbolic meaning of jewels is pleasure and riches.

Dreaming of precious stone may interpret that you are tempted and eager to acquire material possessions and if in your dream, you saw purchasing a gemstone then it is a warning that you may have to learn to live without the things you have taken granted for.

If in your dream, you receive a gift of gem, then it is a sign that your wealth will increase. But if you dream that you are already wearing a gemstone, then this dream interprets that you are arrogant and self-centred, according to some traditions, but according to others, wearing gems is a sign of rank or satisfied ambitions.

Dreams about finding a precious stone indicate that something valuable is about to occur in your life but if you dream about losing a gemstone, then it is a threat to good fortune. If in your dreams, you give away jewels, it is a warning of some threat to your person or estate. If you inherit jewellery in your dream, it means that you will prosper, bit in an unusual way and which may not be what you expected or hoped.

The colors of the gems are also significant in a dream. If you find a blue gemstone, then it symbolizes inspiration, new ideas or even new learning. Dreaming of red stones may foretell a romantic connection. If you dream of finding a yellow gem, then you should be ready for new opportunity through a distant connection, a violet stone is a sign that you should be more attentive to the spiritual side of your life.

If you are a young woman some of the meanings may be slightly different: if you dream about receiving jewellery, it may mean an early and desirable marriage in the near future, whereas a dream of losing your jewels is a warning that you may get insincere compliments.

So dream on … but take special note and care whenever dream is about gemstones, it may have meaning for your life

Gemstones In Dreams

Ruby-You will be a leader

Pearl-Attainment of peace

Emerald-Monetary gain

Yellow sapphire-Growth, Prosperity

Diamond-Growth of love and romance

Red Coral-Freedom from disease and enemies

Blue sapphire-Success and glory in all your efforts

Hessonite (Gomedh)-Changes in your problems and attainments of a possible solution

Cats eye-Attainment of respect and glory

Feroza-Gain in business and employment


Amethyst-Loss of health

Carnelian-Spiritual gain

Saphetik- Sudden monetary gain



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