10 Auspicious Leaves For Lord Ganesha

10 Auspicious Leaves For Lord Ganesha

Leaves for Lord Ganesha are the auspicious leaves offered to him during prayers. Lord Ganesha is one of the most auspicious deity and he is worshipped in all good and happy eras of life. He is considered as the lord of knowledge, wisdom and intellect. He is also known as Vighanaharta.

Ganesh Chaturthi:

Lord Ganesha is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Every year his birthday is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi throughout India to seek his blessings.

Worshipping Lord Ganesha:

In Hinduism, before starting anything new, worshipping Lord Ganesha is desirable.

Sacred Leaves to be offered

It is widely believed that offering sacred leaves get evoke blessings of Lord Ganesha. There are 10 types of leaves which can be offered to Lord Ganesha during the Puja. Each leaf carries its own significance and can give different results. These leaves are associated with different problems in one’s life.

Bhangraiya Leaves
If one wants to seek promotion in their job, then they can offer Bangraya leaf to Lord Ganesha. If one want higher position, the he or she can offer theses leaves to Ganesha while chanting mantra “Ganadhishay Namah”.

Bhangairaya Leaves

Belpatra Leaves
Belpatra leaves are associated with Lord Shiva and offering this to his younger son, Ganesha can also give desired result. People who are facing trouble due to infertility can offer these leaves by chanting “Umaputray Namah”.

belpatra Leaves

Arjun Leaves
Offering Arjun leaves to Ganesha can help to achieve a healthy heart and stable blood circulation. One needs to chant “Kapilaya Namah”.

Arjuna Leaves

Ber Leaves
People who urge for god health should offer 5 Ber leaves to Lord Ganesha and should chant “Lambodaraya Namah”.

Ber Leaves

Sem Leaves
If one is facing trouble with workplace can offer this leaves and should chant “Vakratunday Namah”.

sem leaves

Bay Leaves
This leaves can bring auspicious result to the people who wants to earn name and fame. They should offer 7 leaves while chanting “Chaturhotery Namah”.

Bay Leaves

Kaner Leaves
People who are unemployed with no job can offer 5 kaner leaves to Lord Ganesha while chanting “Vikataya Namah”.

kaner leaves

Ketki Leaves
If one is into new business and wants to seek blessings of Lord Ganesha, then he must offer 9 ketki leaves and chant “Siddhivinaykaya Namah”.

Ketki Leaves

Aak Leaves
Aak leaves can give auspicious result. Offering 9 Aak leaves to Lord Ganesha can help one to get financial stability while chanting “Vinaykaya Namah”.

Aak leaves

Shami Leaves
This leave helps to overcome the malefic effects of Saturn. It also helps to appease Lord Ganesha. Offer 9 shami leaves to Lord Ganesha while enchanting “Sumukhay Namah”.

Shami Leaves

Other things to offer:
Other things which we can offer to appease Lord Ganesha are marigold flowers, modak and ladoo. We can also offer banana, erukku flowers and druba grass.



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