10 Ways To Dignify Your Moon

10 Ways To Dignify Your Moon

• Moon indicates “Mother”, so try to get blessings of your mother so as to get the positive effects of the Moon.

• Shivalingam represents Lord Shiva – Try to put milk on the same as this ritual can help to strengthen your mind and brain.

• Meditate every day – This is one the easiest way to keep a healthy mind and to also evoke blessings.

• Chant Moon Mantra “ Aum Chandraya Namah”

• Listen to Rudra Mantra on Monday as Lord Shiva presides on Monday.

• Recite Saundarya Lahiri as it is helpful in activating the positive energy of the Moon.

• Try to drink lot of water as Moon represents water and keep yourself hydrated all the time.

• Wear silver finger ring as Moon’s metal is silver.

• Feed cow with Roti every Monday as they have the power to absorb all negative energy.

• Read stories of Shri Krishna because moon is associated with Sri Krishna.

It is always advisable to follow the pure path in life to get the blessings of Moon. It represents our mind so many ups and downs due to our bad deed can harness the positive qualities of the Moon; therefore it is necessary to keep our Moon balanced. A balanced moon can help to strengthen our mind and it also helps to remove the negative feeling from life. All mental diseases come from the moon such as depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorders so making your moon happy can make you learn to cope up with the negative energy of Moon. Worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday is one of the remarkable remedies to strengthen afflicted Moon in your horoscope. You can also wear a Pearl stone for strengthening your Moon and evoke blessings of the same. Get your astrological consultation report to know the position of Moon.



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