13 Top Benefits of Ruby

13 Top Benefits of Ruby

13 Top Benefits of Ruby
Ruby is the gemstone of Sun. It is ruled by the planet Sun. The Sun is the king of planets in the solar system. In Vedic astrology, Sun is considered one of the auspicious planets that impart success and wisdom.

Ruby gemstone is a mixture of mineral corundum, and red color is due to presence of small amount of chromium. It is the blood-red colored gemstone.
Ruby astrology – It is the gemstone for ascendant Leo and the person who has a beneficial position of Sun in the horoscope. If we look according to the birthstone, it is favourable for the person born in the month of July.
1) Ruby gets inspiration from the Sun, so it makes a person live like a king size.
2) Ruby like the Sun holds the leadership qualities. It makes a person full of leadership qualities and removes negative tendencies in a favorable situation.
3) Ruby gemstone stimulates vitality and improves energy level of a person.
4) Ruby brings out a positive and a courageous state of mind.
5) Ruby is beneficial for a person if suffering from the circulatory problem.
6) Ruby stimulates the kidney and treats adrenal gland and reproductive organs.
7) Ruby removes anger and the negative energy caused by any ill placement of the Sun in the horoscope.
8) Ruby stone has vibrations that radiate with the positive aura of the body.
9) Ruby activates the crown chakra and creates an altered state of consciousness.
10) Ruby overcomes exhaustion and boosts up the stamina.
11) Ruby is connected to the earth star chakra of the body, stimulates, and heals at the time of need. It also heals the crown chakra of the body.
12) If Ruby is used as a grounding stone, then it helps to release excess energy that can harm a person in the future.
13) Ruby price in India varies according to the quality and the appearance of the stone. A fine and a clear Ruby cost too high, but it gives benefits to the wearer.



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