14 ways to honor rahu

14 Ways To Honor Rahu

Rahu is a shadowy planet and it often carries the characteristics of Saturn. It is also a slow planet, spiritually inclined. If a person is having afflicted Rahu in the birth chart it can cause trouble. Therefore some steps can be followed to honor this shadowy planet Rahu.

1. Fasting is a good way to get the positive effect of Rahu, especially on Saturday.

2. Respect your ancestors and remember them, this is the great way to make Rahu positive in your life!

3. Note down Rahu Kaal every day and meditate during that time.

4. Worship Lord Durga and listen to Goddess Durga chants.

5. Try to control down your desire and understand that desire whether fulfilled or unfulfilled leads to more desires or misery. This helps to combat the positive energy of Rahu.

6. Feed fishes to get a positive result of Rahu.

7. Worship Guru (Jupiter), the planet of growth and expansion because having Guru in life helps to remove the negative effects of Rahu.

8. Saturn is a planet of discipline and wisdom is Jupiter and they are required to stabilize Rahu in life.

9. Remove the negative tendencies of Rahu from your mind. It is important to understand that every planet tries to teach you something towards your “self”!. Rahu gives you desires only for you to know that life is also beyond desires.

10. Read Samudra Manthan story and let know about the birth of Rahu and Ketu.

11. Donate food and black fruits on Saturday.

12. If possible, you can also donate blacktail on Saturday.

13. Try to feed a black dog with black til and roti on Saturday.

14. Donate food to beggars on Saturday.

Hessonite is the gemstone for Rahu



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