6 Items to Avoid Buying on Saturday & 6 Easy Saturn Empowering Tips

6 Items to Avoid Buying on Saturday & 6 Easy Saturn Empowering Tips

There are certain items best to avoid buying and to be bought home on Saturn’s day.

1. Iron: Iron should never be bought on Saturday. It brings bad luck to the buyer and its family. To gain Saturn’s blessings donate things made of iron to a place of worship. It helps to bring prosperity and upliftment in business and wealth.

2. Oil: Mustard oil should not be bought on Saturday. It brings sickness at home. Donate oil to a sweeper or servant on Saturday to please Lord Shani.

3. Broom: Buying broom on Saturday brings poverty so never buy broom on Saturday. Donate money to your house keeper or servant on Saturday or Tuesday.

4. Salt: Buying salt on Saturday brings debt in the family. Salt is powerful for absorbing negative energies. Keep a cup of Salt in the West Direction of your home.

5. Fuel: Fire is considered scared but fuel item such as match box, petrol kerosene, and other inflammable products on Saturday. It brings problems in the family. To gain blessings walk bare-foot on green grass for 35-40 minutes.

6. Shoes: Don’t buy shoes on Saturday especially black shoes. It may bring failures in your work. For evoking blessings of Saturn, visit Hanuman temple on Saturday and come back barefoot leaving the shoes behind.

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