About charoite

About Charoite

Charoite is a semiprecious stone, which is found commonly in Russia. It is purple in colour. It has mottled, swirled and veined mark on the surface. It is easily obtained. It is a stone of transformation. Charoite is a soul stone. It overcomes fear and stimulates inner vision. It facilitates heart and crown chakra. Charoite encourages vibration change and provides deep physical and emotional healing. This is a stone to accept your present moment as perfect.

Charoite gemstone has an immense benefit. It is very beneficial for career growth. This stone helps in professional life also. This is very beneficial for the person who is working in the profession of medical, technical field, engineering, artist and people who are in the business of art and beauty. Charoite integrates mental ability of the students and helps them to attain concentration.
Charoite is very helpful for the students, who are preparing for competitive examination. It increases grasping power during the exams.
Spiritually, Charoite helps to see yourself into your intuition. This stone opens and balances the crown chakra. It brings insightful visions of past lives and suggests proper ways to redress karma on your personal and collective level.

Charoite gemstone in Healing
Charoite energizes the exhausted body. It regulates the blood pressure of the body. It removes liver pain. This stone is very good for healing eyesight defect. Charoite brings deep sleep with powerful dreams. It removes insomnia and gives children calm sleep. It is very useful for the treatment of autonomic nervous system. It heals autism and bipolar disorders.
This stone is also found very useful for the treatment of lost memory. It helps to maintain a proper balance between the spinal cord and cerebrum of the brain. It is useful for the treatment of dyslexia and short memory.

Charoite is purple in color, and it represents planet Venus. It also propels the negative effect of Venus. It brings love and compassion in a relationship. Charoite is very good for married couples.



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