About Harlequin Opal

About Harlequin Opal

Harlequin Opal Gemstone Information
A variety of precious Opal, in which the play of color is arranged in a vivid harlequin pattern. In this color shine as patches and spangles, which is found in a diamond-shape, chessboard or rectangular in shape. This Harlequin Opal Gemstone is the most desirable and very rarely found.

General Information
Physical Properties of this Harlequin Opal
Mohs Hardness -5.5 to 6.5
Specific Gravity -1.98 to 2.50
Tenacity – Brittle
Cleavage Quality –None

Optical Properties of Harlequin Opal
Refractive Index -1.37 to 1.52
Birefringence – None
Pleochroism – Absent
Dispersion – None
Color (General) – All colors.
Transparency -Transparent, Translucent
Crystallography of Harlequin – Opal
Crystal System -Amorphous
Habit – Kidney or grape shaped aggregates

Source – Harlequin Opal is mainly found in Australia in New South Wales and South Australia.

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