Advantage of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Advantage of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire Effects
Blue Sapphire is a natural occurring gemstone which is a variety of mineral corundum (aluminum oxide), tinged with slight traces of cobalt and some other metals. The ‘Sapphire’ itself means ‘Blue Stone’ and is found basically in igneous and in alluvial deposits. This amazing stone has been fascinating the glory of kings and lords for several years. A Blue Sapphire gemstone has considerable sparkle and may display different colors when viewed from different angles.

Significance and Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstones
The Blue Sapphire Gemstone is associated with planet Saturn. It is the planet of justice and pure laws. Saturn signifies hardship, honesty and integrity. Wearing Blue sapphire gemstone if there is positive effect of Saturn in the birth chart can help to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. It is essential to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone. It is the luckiest gem for the Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Blue Sapphire helps the wearer to be more charismatic, intuitive and intelligent.

What is the Price of Blue Sapphire Gemstone?
Price of Blue Sapphire gemstone depends mainly on the color, clarity, transparency, luster and cutting of the gemstone. A good quality blue sapphire has fine color, good cut and clarity. The popular shapes of the blue sapphire are oval and cushion shape and these varieties fetches more price than the normal blue sapphire gemstone. Beware-If you get blue sapphire at cheap rates it means the gems quality is not good or it is a fake gemstone. Before buying Blue Sapphire make sure to get a certificate of authenticity from a reputed gem lab such as IGI and GIA. Natural Blue Sapphire Stone price can range between 2000 per carat in India. If you wish to buy blue sapphire stone online in India, USA and UK, then you may visit the e-store of We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gems are certified from a reputed gem lab.

How to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone?
Blue Sapphire gemstone can be worn as blue sapphire pendant, blur sapphire earring, blue sapphire finger ring. It should be worn on Saturday after proper energization with shani mantra. The wearer should offer mustard oil and til oil to the Lord shani each Saturday to get the good result of the blue sapphire gemstone. The gemstone should be worn after sunset and some food or money should be donated to the poor.

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