Amazing Facts about Opal Gemstone

Amazing Facts about Opal Gemstone

Benefits of Opal Gemstone
Opal is one of the finest gemstone of the world. There is much more eye and speech on manifesting beauty of Opal. They have an amazing display of mesmerizing colors and they look beautiful in pendants, rings, watches and brooches. Opals are unique gemstone and it is wondered how opal is formed. Here are ten awesome facts about opals that is unknown to you.

1) Birthstone For October
Opal is the official birthstone for October. It is a symbol of purity and hope. Opal is a gift of love for the people born in October.

2) Formed By Rain
Opal gemstone is formed of rain and there is some conjecture on how exactly it is formed. This is a precious gemstone, but there is also a belief that when water from rain seeps down into crevasses in the rock, the left behind silica dries out and hardens into precious Opal.

3) Martian Opal
It is known that it has been formed on Mars and it is only a handful of gemstones that have ever been discovered outside of our planet.

4) Ancient Opal
Opallios is a Greek word for Opal and it means to change color. The Roams word for this precious gemstone is Opallus. It is a belief from the ancient Greek that opals were formed from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when titans were defeated, opal has prophetic powers.

5) Are Opals Luck Or Not?
Opal is a lucky gemstone. It is used by several civilizations of the world as lucky stone. There have been some exceptions, an English writer in the 1800’s and other gemstone marketer said that Opal has bad luck in their marketing. May be they realized that Opal is the best gemstone on earth and they want to discredit it.

6) Royalty Loves Opals
Opal was the favorite gemstone of Queen Victoria. She also had sapphires, rubies, diamonds from all over the British Empire, but fell in love with the intoxicating colours of the Opals.

7) More Than Meets The Eye
Opal has a play of colors. The play of color that is visible in Opal is due to the spheres of different sizes. Theses spheres are very useful for refracting light and also causes the beautiful spectral of colors to be visible in Opal but for this the spheres have to just be of right size and of a uniform nature foe creation of enough color for our eyes to view.

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