An Elegant Ruby Gemstone

An Elegant Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is an elegant gemstone, also called as Manik. Ruby is said to increase the name, fame, vigor and command of a person both in the personal and the professional life. In history, it has been said that it is a symbol of love and passion. It normally comes in red color. Ruby is a hot stone.

On diseases front: Ruby is a great healer and helps in the treatment of peptic ulcer, ulcer fever, rheumatism and gout etc. But before wearing Ruby stone do consult an experienced astrologer.

Ruby should be made in gold or panchdhatu and worn in third finger or the sun finger of the right hand. Ideally, the weight should be about 3 to 5 grams.

Physical Properties of Ruby Stone
The name has been derived from the Latin word , ‘Rubrum, means ‘Red,, which is due to the presence of corundum and is simply crystallized alumina and in ppure form it is devoid of color. The rich color of the Ruby stone is due to the presence of small amount of chronic oxide that replaces part of alumina without disturbing the trigonal crystal structure of Ruby stone.

Occurrence of Ruby Stone
Ruby is found Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The best Ruby gemstone comes from Mogok district of Burma. The rubies from Thai are less attractive and stones found in Sri Lanka are light pink in color.

Identification of Ruby Stone
Natural Ruby stone is not brilliant clean and it has little amount of inclusions. The inclusions look like ‘silk’. The natural Ruby encloses small crystals of other minerals that are present in the form of pale angular grains, cavities of irregular patches and fine-needle crossing canals which gives a silky effect by reflecting light. If these inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, then the eyeglass should be used to detect the same.

Under high magnification no such inclusions are visible, on this case, Gem checking is most probably under a piece of glass. A synthetic Ruby doesn’t contain any inclusions or else it will have a bubble-like inclusions, or cracks, as seen in a glass. The cracks give a milky hue and will be of an uneven nature.

Wearing Method of Ruby Stone (Manik)
It’s important to know the proper method of wearing the gemstone before we buy the same. Before wearing it should be washed with fresh milk in the morning and then mantra should be enchanted and then worn. The weight of Ruby stone should not be less than 3 Ratti, more the weight of Ruby, greater is its effect.

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