Andalusite Information

Andalusite Information

Andalusite (Poor Man’s Alexandrite)

Andalusite Meaning, History and Information
Andalusite is a semiprecious stone, which is named after Andalusia. Andalusia is a Spanish autonomous community where it was first found. Andalusite is a mineral of aluminum silicate, which is similar to sillimanite and Kyanite. Andalusite is a very beautiful gem, but it is very less familiar to the people.
Andalusite has a different combination of colors, and it exhibit very fine pleochroism. Due to the property of pleochroism, it exhibits a different colors pattern when viewed with different angles. Now it has recently gained attention from many jewelry designers. It is becoming popular in jewellery designs.
Andalusite has a very good level of durability and hardness. This stone looks very attractive due to a different play of colors from different directions. It is generally transparent to opaque with a transparent gem quality.

Andalusite Origin and Source
Andalusite is typically found in places and gneisses due to the deposit of argillaceous sediment. It is found very rarely in granites or pegmatite’s, but it yields the larger crystals.
Andalusite is not readily available yet but is found primarily in Brazil and Srilanka. Another source where it is found in Canada, Russia, Spain and the United States.

Andalusite Color
Andalusite colours generally depend on the orientation of crystal. It is found typically in yellow-green, brownish red, olive and reddish brown. Each gemstone has two different colours, and often there is a blending of colors in a square and round shapes gemstone. Shapes of pear, oval, marquise, and emerald cut exhibit one colour nearer to the centre, and second usually darker towards the end of the crystal.

Andalusite metaphysical properties and benefits
Andalusite is used as amulets and ceremonial purpose. It has been found that many ancient cultures used Andalusite for healing purpose. It is sometimes also referred as “stone of correct judgement”. It is known so, as it has an excellent metaphysical ability to calmly see, without any bias tendency in you.
It helps the wearer to view problems from all perspective without fear and judgement. It helps to solve any issue with rationality.

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