Anhata chakra

Anhata Chakra

Anahata Chakra is the most important and vital chakra present in your body. It is located at the heart. Anahata Chakra represents love. When Anhata Chakra is stimulated, it helps you to be in peace. It also brings love towards the whole world. It is associated with your social identity and helps you to recognize yourself.

The element associated with Air
Ruling planet: Venus, Moon
Deity: Rudra Shiva
Gemstone: Rose quartz, Green Agate, Malachite

The all the above combinations effectively help you to balance your Anahata Chakra. This combination is developed by the intense study of the Rudraksha effect on your various chakras and Aura Chakra. This combination is very useful for the healers and they can recommend this to their clients.
Rudraksha beads are alone sufficient to balance this chakra and gems are added only in some java beads. Gems help to enhance the beauty of the chakra combination. Research has proved that these combinations can be worn anywhere in the body. In case, if your chakra is severely blocked, then you can go for anyone bead from 18th Mukhi, 19th Mukhi, 20 Mukhi, 21 Mukhi, 1 Mukhi Nepali, Java or Trijuti Rudraksha which is very good for balancing the chakra.

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