Anti-Hijab Protest in Iran

Anti-Hijab Protest in Iran

Iran is witnessing Anti- Hijab protests which began over a month ago. Males and females are protesting against the government’s autocracy. Astrological analysis is going to predict the current Scenario of Iran on Anti – Hijab protest.

Iran’s horoscope is a Cancer ascended chart, where Jupiter is placed in the first house. The owner of this kind of horoscope is orthodox, very religious in nature, which we can witness in Iran’s case. Again, in the horoscope of Iran’s government ,Jupiter which is the Lord of the 9th house, is placed in the first house. Astrological analysis of this condition explains that Iran government will follow radical Islam and while following the same they can go to any extent of brutality.

If we see the entire scenario from an Astrological point of view, we can understand the current situation in Iran will definitely not come under control at present. The existing Dasa period of Iran’s chart shows that the current political upheaval will continue till 15th December 2023.


Sun is the Lord of the 2nd house. But along with this sub period of Sun, Sun’s enemy – Rahu, Saturn & Gulika is also present in the 2nd house which signifies mass death in Iran. Therefore, as of now, the situation will remain detrimental and tense. The government will try to suppress the public and continue with its brutalities. Astrological prediction also says that the situation will continue to take adverse turn till 18th November 2022.


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On 17th January, 2023 when Saturn will transit on Aquarius there will be some relief on Iran’s political situations. Some forms of amendments in the law will be done. Again the situation will be further improved after 15th December 2023, when no cases on Hijab or very rare cases will be seen.


Definitely there will be a time in Iran, where women will get some respect and some laws will be made to safeguard their interest.



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