Aquarius - Free Gemstones Recommendations

Aquarius – Free Gemstones Recommendations

Aquarian natives are known to have great intellect and memory. They are friendly and unique and this sets them apart from the rest. But on the flip side, they can be rebellious and fixed in their ideas and beliefs. Here is the detailed study of finding the perfect gemstone for Aquarius:

Vedic Astrology and Gemstones

Vedic Astrology helps in studying the person as a unique individual with relation to the date and time of the birth. For those looking forward to accuracy and precision while finding the lucky gemstone, Vedic Astrology is the best option.

Vedic Astrology stands in complete contrast to western astrology. A detailed study of the horoscope and due consideration of the exact date and time helps in finding the right stone.

Western Astrology and Gemstones

In western astrology, the determination of suitable stone is defined by the healing cosmic energies of the ruling planet of the zodiac sign.  In the case of Aquarius, the ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn while the lucky color is blue.

Gemstone Recommendation for Aquarius

Blue Sapphire, Opal, and Pearl are considered as some of the lucky stones for Aquarius. The Combination of Blue sapphire and Emerald is additionally useful to Aquarius natives. Blue Sapphire summons fearlessness, insight, satisfaction, imagination, and comprehensions between connection, conjugal joy, and lucky fate. It disposes of the negative musings and helps in battling recurring diseases.  Blue sapphire is one of the most prompt acting Gemstones among all.

There are lots of factors that are considered before free gemstone recommendations. They are:

  • Assessment of Lagna in the birth chart
  • A functional benefic planet in the respective birth chart
  • House ruled by the planet
  • Which finger the gemstone has to be worn?
  • Looking forward to dasa-antardasa

These factors are considered by the expert astrologers for recommending the right gemstone. If one happens to wear the wrong gemstone, the results can get reversed.

The famous astrologer Astro Kapoor helps in choosing the right gemstone by analyzing the birth chart and the ruling planet. The gemstone to wear, the proper method to wear, correct finger, correct metal everything is effectively is listed by the astrologers in the report.

Counseling the specialist will help you choose the right gemstone for progressing in the future and confronting the obstacles with ease. You can consult the expert astrologer Astro Kapoor, for free gemstone recommendations for Aquarius. Get the lab tested and certified stones. Contact today to get the one!



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