Aries - Free Gemstones Recommendations

Aries – Free Gemstones Recommendations

Ruled by fierce planet Mars, Aries individuals are courageous and energetic individuals who just love adventures. They are one of those individuals who are bound to make a huge impact wherever they go. Gemstone has a significant role in the field of astrology. Red Coral is the birthstone for Aries as it symbolizes Mars.

Aries are very aggressive but their good leadership and courageous qualities make Aries famous among the individuals. They are fearless and more like warriors.

There are multiple methods for knowing the perfect gemstone-like

  1. Gemstone based on Nakshatra
  2. Gemstone based on Mahadasha
  3. Gemstone based on Antardasha
  4. Gemstone based on ascendant
  5. Gemstone based on moon sign
  6. Gemstone based on date of birth
  7. Gemstone based on exalted planet
  8. Gemstone based on afflicted planet

Although, the gemstones recommendations are based upon your moon sign. It is better to consult the astrologer if you don’t know your moon sign.

Free Gemstones Recommendations-Aries

Aries Moon sign natives should wear red coral in a gold ring in the ring finger. This stone is beneficial for Aries as it helps in vitalizing the life energy and enhances their personality. No wonder why Aries are drawn more towards the red color. It also helps in boosting confidence in Aries natives. As per the astrology, Italian Red Coral and Japanese red coral are the best red coral Gemstones.

It is necessary to consult an expert for reaping the benefits of the gemstone. This will help in protecting yourself from reverse impact of the wrong gemstone.

Effects of Red Coral on Aries:

  1. Help in overcoming symptoms of depression
  2. Purifies blood and help in treating acne, pimples and boils
  3. Individuals in professions such as army, police, doctors, surgeons, chemical weapon manufacturers, scientist and realty businesses are benefited
  4. Helps in negating any negative planetary influences.
  5. Help in controlling aggressiveness
  6. Resolves marital issues
  7. Reducing the effect of Manglik dosh
  8. Relief from Headaches and migraines

Other Gemstones recommended for Aries

Ruby, orange coral and Yellow Sapphire can also be adorned by Aries natives. Gold and copper jewellery influences an Arian’s life to a great extent. Try to use some more of these jewelries in your collection.

Free Gemstones Recommendations – Aries

Prior to choosing the gemstone, it is better to consult an expert astrologer Astro Kapoor for the effects and benefits of the gemstone and what gemstone will be most suitable for you according to your birth chart.  Contact the best astrologer Astro Kapoor for any queries regarding the gemstone and fetch the most authentic and pure Gemstones.



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