Aries gemstone

Aries Gemstone

Aries and Gemstones
Aries is the first sign in astrological science ruled by the planet Mars. People born under this sign are aggressive and ambitious. According to the Egyptians culture, Aries symbolizes the power and productive fire that helps in the development of a personality of a person. Arians are generally honest and uncomplicated, candid personality. These people are pure at heart and often shine despite various hurdles in their life. Seldom they may cultivate wrong objectives but they are quite determined to follow it.
Aries sign believe in the sprint and are ruled by the aura of the mars because they always believe in quick action. These are dynamic people and they don’t waste time in nay unfruitful activity. They make perfect strategy and planning and their actions are directly involved for the same. This quality makes them a trendsetter.
Aries always keen to change for the betterment and they avoid any gradual changes, this is the reason they undertake drastic actions that produces dramatic results in the future. They love to explore the things that are new, this instinct makes them a good traveler. Red Coral is the best gemstone for these people. This precious gemstone is ruled by the planet Mars, a fiery and aggressive planet.
According to Indian astrology, Red Coral is also called as ‘Moonga’ in Hindi. It is widely used for the maximum benefit of mars, if placed in a benefic position in a horoscope.

Adversities that can bring unhappiness in Aries life
There is always a strong possibility of failure if they are not careful regarding the decision that they take. The chances of taking quick actions can bring unfavorable condition and situation for them such as uncertainties, distortions and errors. This can increase the risk of failure for the Arians people, so it is necessary to create a balance between the natural tendency and today’s need. Aries should also wear Yellow Sapphire ( Stone of Guru ) as it will help in enhancing the quality of a Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion.
Aries people are highly energetic so sometimes they often suffer from the superiority complex and they fail to accept the negative remarks about them. They also suffer in their married life and it is necessary to improve the relationship as it can lead to a failed marriages. Aries can also wear Zircon or White Sapphire gemstone as these gemstones can enhance the good luck of the Aries people.

Aries Birth Stone – Red Coral
Luck Stone – Yellow Sapphire
Education Stone – Ruby
These three gemstones are the luckiest gemstone for the Arie’s people but it is necessary to consult an expert astrologer before wearing precious gemstone. It is also necessary that all these stone should be energized well before wearing. If it is worn without proper energization then it may not give the complete effect to the wearer because proper energization with the concerned planet ruling the gemstone is essential for gaining the maximum benefit.
Proper mantra should be enchanted before wearing the gemstone and Red coral (Moonga) should be worn on Tuesday in a ring finger of the right hand.

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