Astrological Impact of Venus Period

Astrological Impact of Venus Period

Venus period lasts for 20 years astrologically. What are the impacts of Venus major period and sub-periods transition phase during the Venus period?

Venus – Venus
3 years and 4 months: Increased fortune and prosperous period for earnings and social pleasures for the native. The birth of children may take place. Unmarried one may find suitable partners of their choice. If Venus is strong, the sub-period of Venus is very ruinous.

1 year: Dispute and tensions in the personal life. Mental worries and quarrels.

Venus –Moon
1 year 8 months: Unusual domestic happiness – Birth of a female child – Marriage for the unmarried – Married opportunities or taking part in functions – Enjoyable period – Building houses.

I year 2 months: A good period for earnings and enterprises – Increased sexual propensities – Neglect of duties – Buying new land and properties.

Venus – Rahu
3 years: Much new innovations in life – Due to the effect of domestic unhappiness, the person may become an asectic or lives in a secluded manner. – Susceptibility to swallow poisons, or to poisoning – Loss of parent.

Venus – Jupiter
2 years 8 months: Gain in employment – Many favours from superiors – Public and female society – Birth of good and obedient children.

Venus – Saturn
3 years 2 months: Poor appetite – sickness arising due to morbid life – Rheumatic pain – Sickness of children or wife.

Venus – Mercury
2 years 10 months: Tumours in the abdomen – Literary advancement – Success in Examination – Domestic happiness – Increase of wealth – Gain through trade and agencies.

Venus –Ketu
1 year 2 months: Sickness of wife – Domestic unhappiness and quarrels – Likelihood of contracting debts – Danger of blood poisoning.

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