Astrological Perspective of Premature Baby

Astrological Perspective of Premature Baby

Astrology can depict birth of a premature baby. The role of planets can’t be denied in the birth of a premature baby. In the middle of nineties, there was further progress in technology that enabled newborns to be saved who were born than the 25th to 26th week of gestation and whose weight was between 500 and 800 grams.

In the month of January 1996, Uranus entered Aquarius and was of great help for Neptune which aids in realizing of the ideas suggested by the latter. The entry of these two planets in Aquarius, the co-significator of the eleventh house, gave rise to the first case of babies saved who were born at twenty three weeks. The opposition formed by the two planets to the fifth house, and Leo, influenced the capacity to generate and so expend-energy. The quadrate formed in the Taurus, the second house created confusion and uncertainty for the new born. The quadrate formed in the Scorpio, the eighth house, brought anxieties and fears from the emotional abandonment showing isolation involves the pain experienced when mother leaves to go home.

Newborns who arrive before the 32nd and 34th week of gestation, the organization of the body is not fully developed. The lungs are not well-developed because the baby is not able to produce a sufficient quantity of surfactant – a substance which helps to keep the lung cavity expanded and capable of producing sufficient breathing. The respirator to which the newborn is connected, although enables the child to live, but can also cause irreversible damage if it is required for any length of time.

High percentage of oxygen also causes a change in the anatomical structure of lungs if large amount of external oxygen is supplied. Premature baby who are born at 27 weeks i.e. between the 23rd and the 28th week of gestation, the result shows constants. Nearly all were twins, of whom the first was delivered before the second one. The intervals during the time of birth were the only difference between the two twins, but it caused a difference in some degrees of Ascendant. This shows the same planet slipping into different houses and it determines the elements that prove to be essential in shaping the development of the two lives. Mostly, this involves two lights, followed by Mars and Venus. The house which is significant for these differences to occur are sixth and seventh, the fifth or first and twelfth. Mostly the premature baby who survives has the planet in the fifth or first vital houses, where the Sun and the Mars rule, or in the seventh house, where the planet is linked to Mars.

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