Astrological Reasons for Delayed Progeny

Astrological Reasons for Delayed Progeny

Our society is traditional and birth of child is always a priority after marriage. There was a period, when if woman is not able to conceive immediately after marriage was made responsible for delayed progeny. Her in-laws would curse her for not giving the child immediately. But very few of us know that only a woman is not responsible for child. Husband is also completely involved if there is a delay in progeny. Because sometimes, we have found after analyzing the chart of both husband and wife, that the planets in a horoscope of husband is not favorable for child birth. So it is a sheer ignorance to blame a woman for childbirth. There are cases where the doctors give assurance to the couple to stop worrying as there is nothing so serious, yet couple experience failed pregnancies. This is when role of astrology comes into play. Astrological reasons for delayed progeny can help a couple to get exact arena for child birth.

What An Expert Astrologer can do with Delayed Progeny?

An expert Astrologer can properly study the birth chart of both husband and wife on the destiny of the child birth. If there are completely negative signs related to child birth of both male and female than nothing can be done.

After analysing the horoscope of both, the husband and the wife, there may be some possibilities.

  1. To check whether it is a case of childlessness.
  2. To check whether it is a case of delay or denial of a child birth.
  3. the man and the woman, there may be either of the two possibilities:

If horoscope shows the birth of a child, the timing is confirmed from the dasha and the antardasha of the favorable planets, ascendant lords, Moon and the role of 5th house in the child birth. In all such cases, first the horoscope of the husband is examined for the possibility of a child and later, the wife horoscope is examined for the time of conception.

Astrological Solutions for Progeny

  1. 5th house is examined and 5th lord from lagna.
  2. 5th house and 5th lord from Moon.
  3. 5th house and 5th lord from Jupiter.
  4. 5th house and position of 5th lord from Saptamesh.

According to Vedic astrology, children are born in the dashas connected with the 5th house or the lord of the 5th house and saptamesh. If there is an afflicted 5th lord, combust, or retrograde and aspected by another retrograde planet, generally malefic, there would be result in delay of a child.

It has also been known that due to the past karma of a female there could be difficulty or delay in giving birth to children or would marry to a male with similar features in a birth chart.  Some couples are able to start a family through medical treatments and some are unable to get success irrespective of the try. If there are possibilities of a child birth in the horoscope, then the stars and the planets occupying the horoscope clearly marks the same. But if there are mixed signs and obstacles are seen, the reasons for the obstacles have to be seen.  An expert astrologer studies on the favorable dashas and periods for both the male and the female and will advise to go for the medical assistance or treatment in the right period. There, the chances to conceive increases. Astrological reasons for delayed progeny is very specific for each couple.

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This is a very critical issue, so it is mandatory to hit the rod at appropriate time, the couple should undergo medical treatment at right time so that treatment becomes successful. Reasons for delayed progeny is essential for proper treatment.

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