Astrology 2020 Predictions All Zodiac Signs

Astrology 2020 Predictions – All Zodiac Signs

With every passing day, 2020 is coming near and the curiosity of knowing what the stars have in store for you must be surging high. Astro Kapoor understands your concern and has diligently worked upon providing you with the most accurate astrology predictions for the year 2020. Here are the predictions by Astro Kapoor for 2020 based on Moon sign.

Aries Astrology Predictions 2020

Aries individuals will be showered with financial gains at the beginning of the year 2020. Luck will favor you. You may switch your job in the lieu of better opportunities coming your way. You will experience peace and your mind will be inclined towards spirituality and religious deeds.

Frequent travels are indicated on the cards for students in relation to career opportunities. On the professional front, you may experience a hike in salary and profit in business. 2020 is good for love and romance but you need to be conscious of your loved one’s health during mid-October-November 2020.

Taurus Astrology Predictions 2020

This year will be enjoyable for Taurus and will be the year for completion of the tasks unfinished. This year is extremely good for Taurus on the professional front and will be yielding good results.

You just need to work really hard. It is advisable to avoid driving during the months February-March as with Mars Retrograding in Eighth house, a sudden accident can happen.  Refrain from making any big investments this year from May to September as the things may not go expected. You may get promoted or a salary hike in February. The month is favorable for students and in love matters.

Gemini Astrology Predictions 2020

Gemini may encounter continuous rounds of fluctuations in 2020 in regard to financial, career and health matters. Later half of the year is favorable for you in comparison to the first half. With Saturn placed in your 8th house, luck may not favor you, the only key is Hard work.

 On the family and love front, the things will go moderate. This year with Rahu transiting in 7th house, things may not go smooth on the financial front; you need to control your expenses. Singles, will find their partner at the beginning of 2020.

Cancer Astrology Predictions 2020

Patience and perseverance are the two nodes of success for Cancerians this year. 2020 will be filled with a lot of struggles and hard work and the efforts will pay off; grab the opportunities for personal growth. With Rahu transiting in income house, there is the possibility of income from multiple sources.

You need to be extra conscious about your health from May-September 2020. This year is favorable on the professional front for the business owners and professionals. You might get promoted or harbor gains in business. Those one who are planning to get married may end up tying the knot in 2020.

Leo Astrology Predictions 2020

If you have some incomplete dreams, you may rationalize them in 2020. The year will be full of hard work and struggle but luck will favor you. By practicing anger management, you can avoid obstructions in the way of your grand achievements. In terms of love and romance, the first couple of months will be challenging with your ex establishing contact with you.

After September, you may find new partner, with whom you can share a valuable bond. Blessed with increased income from multiple sources, you need to spend cautiously. The year looks pretty good in terms of opportunity and financial gains.

Virgo Astrology Predictions 2020

The year looks amazing for Virgo in terms of finance, career, and love. The months of January and February are not favorable in terms of your health and your family’s. Yoga and meditation can save you from a serious illness. The year is good for experiencing profit in business and for the students appearing for competitive examinations.

 You need to be inclined and confident to crack it. You need to be conscious about the relation with the spouse, as it may go down the hill. From February you can experience a harmonious family life. Singles can get committed by September 2020.

Libra Astrology Predictions 2020

This year will be good on financial and academics terms. The Jupiter in your 3rd and 4th house will offer travel opportunities which will prove fruitful for you in terms of trade and business. This year you will be action-oriented and strong-willed to outperform your competitors. The year also promises good income gains in 2020 with your dynamic approach.

 Try to clear all your doubts by September 2020. You may get promotion and can be placed at an Authoritative position. The luck will favor you in terms of expenses and love. Singles will be finding love and enjoy a wonderful bond with your partner.

Scorpio Astrology Predictions 2020

2020 will be good for Scorpions in terms of health and finances. With Saturn and Jupiter influencing your second house, you will be accumulating wealth. You need to remain conscious about your health as you may encounter stressful phase till September 2020. August, September and October will be great months in terms of success. The year is good for romance, but after September, you may experiences clashes in relationship which may lead to break-up.

Sagittarius Astrology Predictions 2020

People of Sagittarius may expect better results in the aspects of money, health, and education. You would enjoy economic gains and can invest in property or sell your assets in this period. In the month of January and February, there is a possibility of getting an unexpected job. You may also render a fresh direction to your career which will prove excellent.

You need to maintain cordial ties with your family. Try control your restlessness and overthinking his year 2020. Expenditures are indicated in the beginning of 2020 owing to some occasion or ceremony in family.

Capricorn Astrology Predictions 2020

If you are a native of Capricorn, you need to be conscious of business partnerships and property-related matters. Expenses would increase, so beware of shelling out money ruthlessly. Conflicts with Spouse may arise. Avoid taking any decision in the phase of confusion. Make efforts to take decisions cordially.

The months March and May are grates in terms of professional success. You may get promoted and students can expect favorable results in career. If you are thinking of proposing someone, go ahead! Committed ones can tie the knot this year.

Aquarius Astrology Predictions 2020

With the beginning of Sadhe Sati phase, you will need to put extra efforts and hard work to fetch the results expected along with the growth. You will achieve various milestones on the professional front and achieve your goals. The businessman should avoid taking any risky decisions. Consider people in the same industry prior to expanding your business.

Take care of your health and adopt suitable remedies and treatment for stability. Singles might find suitable partners during the March-May phase. There are high chances of it being converted into the nuptial bond.

Pisces Astrology Predictions 2020

Better results are expected in terms of career, money, and relations for Pisceans. Luck will favor you and you might get promoted as per astrology 2020. Students will achieve great results in March-May and will gain the support of family members. If you don’t have any ailment before 2020, you will enjoy a good healthy life this year.

The year promises lots of opportunities in terms of health, wealth and love. Fluctuations in married life are indicated, suggesting discord with your spouse. You might face professional challenges but the boss’s support will sail you out of the troublesome phase. With patience and efforts, you will crack the success code this year.

These were the predictions for 2020. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Want a comprehensive reading? Contact the best Astrologer Astro Kapoor.



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