Astrology and History

Astrology and History

History of Astrology

The relation between astrological facts and great political events in human opens up a vast field of fertile and illuminating study. History and astrology throw light on each other and offer valuable guidance to statesman. The transits of Saturn through Aries, for instance, have shown frequent and astonishing coincidence with great events in English history.

How transit affects in astrology

In Indian history, the transits of Saturn in Cancer and Jupiter in the Pisces seem to have important consequences. The position of Saturn last in Cancer, the three important events took place in India; the Independence of India, the birth of Pakistan and the death of Mahatma Gandhi. If we calculate minutely, we have a series of events: the first battle of Panipat, first Mysore war, the first war of Independence etc. The birth of the Indian National Congress and Montague’s declaration of responsible government has all happened while Saturn was in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces. Astrological sciences have also found 20 years periodicity in the correlation between the death of American President in office and Jupiter – Saturn conjunction. According to R.A. Proctor, a great astronomer said the repeated attacks of ‘hoary’ and “ exploded” superstition to which he conceded a noble past, historically and a perfectly reasonable basis in theory.

In August 1193 B.C, there appeared in Gemini a comet of most dreadful aspect, that was visible throughout Egypt and immediately followed by the death of King Amenemas. In 479 B.C. a comet was observed by the Grecians, which was crooked like a horn and lasted twenty-two days. During this time occurred the sea fights at Salamis. In 430 B.C. a fiery red comet hung over Athens for 27 days and the Peloponnesian war began. In 371 B.C. there was a great comet like a beam, that extended over 60 degrees of the horizon. This was at the time of the induction and the earthquake in Achaia

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