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Astrology for Success In Bollywood

Astrology for Success In Bollywood

The field of media and cinema is a glamour and is full of allurements, high living and lots of money. This is because it is associated with the fans and beautiful and powerful people. It is known that around 3000-5000 people arrive in Mumbai daily to make their destiny in film. We know as far, four things are common to a majority of candidates who go through the cycle of achieving their Bollywood dreams; hard work, dejection, living a tough life and a bit of good luck. It is well-known that sometimes even if we have talent for acting, yet, we couldn’t make it through the acting; this is just due to sheer luck. Astrology for Success in Bollywood can help one to determine to determine his/her acting career.

The Vedic Horoscope is the basic print which helps to assess whether one can make a good career in this field. If the chart shows success then one may give a try to acting. This can be achieved by wearing a Jyotish quality gemstone.

The following houses play an important role in success in glamour careers:

The first house

This is also called as lagna and this house symbolizes general success but most important is, it governs the physique and personality. It also shows the type of face and influence of people on life. If the lord of ascendant is well-placed in the first house then it brings good results.

The 2nd House

This is also a very important house for those who are searching for success in a film career. This house controls quality and speech and the style of talking, voice, quality and modulation. Exceptional actors have a very well-placed planet of speech and communication.

Many actors have just got success because of their voice quality. A person with heavy voice accent or speech may not find an opportunity in Bollywood. But there are successful examples of people those who have been able to do this. One of such examples is Amitabh Bacchan

The 5th House

This is the house of entertainment, creativity and innovation. This is the house of body work and performance of people who are called as fans. This house has all the elements that come under the domain of “Entertainment”. It is essential to have a powerful 5th house for fame and memorable experience.

The 6th House

This is important as it shows the dominating opponent and emerging situations. This is a competitive field and one has to compete against the opponent to do well in acting.

The 9th house

This is the house of sum total of all good works and deeds of the previous birth and operation of good luck. In this field, it shows the right place at right time, finding the right mentors and facilitators.

The 10th house

This is the house of career and entertainment in the glamour industry. This house of this lord should be strong and connected with planets that control areas such as drama, acting, style and fashion. This house also shows the line of work.

The 11th house

This is the house of sudden gains and fame. In the field of glamour, it is very important to have a strong 11th house and the stronger it is then better results will be bestowed on. A strong 11th house also signifies love and devotion. It also controls the network.

Let us discuss about the some planets important for a career in Bollywood

Venus – It is the planet of love, beauty and luxury. If it is well-placed in a horoscope, it will certainly give good acting skill. It is also responsible for unique style such as singing and dancing.

Mars – Mars is the planet of energy and vitality. It is important to give courage and strength. This planet helps to overcome shyness and fright fear.

Mercury – This is the planet of speech and communication, so for a good acting career it is important that it is well-placed. It also helps to take decision and choose right scripts and working with the right people.

Rahu – Rahu is a shadowy planet and it helps to give strong judgement. It keeps the desperation in check and gives the ability to judge real people.

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