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Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomy & Astrology

Difference between Astronomy and Astrology

In the modern world Astrology and Astronomy are considered as two completely different disciplines. Astronomy is regarded as the study of objects and phenomenon beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and is accepted as a science. Astronomy is broadly accepted as an academic discipline. Astrology which comprises the study of positions of celestial objects is used as the basis for psychology, prediction of future events, and other enigmatic knowledge. This is not conventionally regarded as typical science discipline but as Devine Science.

The History of astrology encompasses a great span of human history and many cultures. The belief in a connection between the heavenly bodies and the lives of people has also played an important part in human history. Most cultures, in historical periods, have not made any distinction between astrology and astronomy. In ancient time there were no separate roles for the astronomers and astrologers. The prediction of the celestial phenomenon and their interpretation were performed by the same person.
Early ‘ science,’ particularly geometry, astronomy and astrology was connected to the divine for most medieval scholars. The compass in this 13th Century manuscript is a symbol of God’s act of Creation, as many believed that there was something intrinsically “divine” or “perfect” that could be found in circles.

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