Kemdrum Yoga

Auspicious and Inauspicious Result of Kemdrum Yoga

Kemdrum Yoga is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon and according to varahmir, this Yoga is formed when one house in front and back from the Moon are empty. In other words we can say that, the second and the twelfth house from the Moon is lying vacant. But we shouldn’t be afraid of Kemdrum yoga as it doesn’t always provide an inauspicious result. Moon is the karaka planet for the mind in astrology so it is seen than a vacant mind as thinks about a lot of useless things and makes a person restless.

How is Kemdrum Yoga formed?
Kemdrum Yoga is formed if the second and twelfth house from the Moon is vacant and if Moon is not aspected by any any auspicious planet then also this yoga is found. Tahu and Ketu are kept aside while analyzing Kemdrum Yoga.

A person born in this yoga faces lot of trouble and poverty at least once in life. The person may be uneducated, poor and even moron. It is also known that Kemdrum yoga is unable to cherish a man marriage and even children. Such person always stays from home and is not able to provide happiness to his loved ones.

How to Make Your Moon Happy
In this yoga there is an attraction to be alone. So if you feel emotional, feel to live alone and mind full of imagination, then try to get away from such situation. Try not to be extra sensitive as it can hurt you. If you find all these character in you, then check the placement of Moon in your birth chart. These 3 conditions form a Kemdrum Yoga in your chart.

(a) The moon has no neighbors [no planet in the 2nd or 12th sign from it], and
(b) There are no planets it’s Kendra [i.e. at right angles, i.e. in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th signs from it], and
(c) There are no planets in Kendra from the ascendant.

Why Kemdrum Dosh makes you love loneliness
For that, we have to understand the significance of Moon in astrology. In astrology each house and planet denotes something. Basically, astrology is a guideline that astrologers decode.

Auspicious and Inauspicious results of Kemdrum Yoga
As mentioned earlier, a person born in this yoga faces poverty, sadness and troubles. He may face trouble in his profession too. The mind is restless and unsatisfied. The person gets dependent on others. The person has long life but faces trouble in his marriage and children.

There is a misconception about Kemdrum yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Therefore, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious. This is not true. People in Kemdrum yoga do well in their profession and they also receive respect and appreciation their work. There are certain yogas too in the chart that can change Kemdrum yoga into Rajya yoga. In previous era astrologers consider this yoga very inauspicious but it is not so, this yoga has certain good points too.

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