Ayurvedic Treatment of Azoospermia

Azoospermia’s Symptoms, Reason and Cure – Treatment of Azoospermia in Ayurveda

What Is Azoospermia (Nil Sperms)?

Azoospermia (Nil sperms) or male infertility is such a disease when men semen does not have right quantity of sperms. In India, around 5% men are disturbed due to this. This situation arises due to blockage in male’s reproductive system.
Root cause get tested before giving treatment of male infertility problems. For treatment, description of any past medical history, knowledge of life style of patient, either patient has been consuming continuously any medicine or not, any surgery in past and necessary to know about patient’s family’s historical data. Along with this, full body analysis is required to know how much is the testosterone, and follicle stimulating hormone.

In next stage, sample of semen get scrutinised in two way. If in the initial scanning, no sperms are found then one more scanning is done in which semen is rounded under inside one machine so that whatever the sperms are inside under that semen should go down. In the next investigation, if any of the sperm is found then reason of infertility is causes obstacle in reproductive system.

If the cause of Azoospermia is not confirmed from the reason given above then it can be because of with the obstacle of either sperms production or male reproductive system. In next phase, biopsy is followed to count of the value of sperms in male reproductive system.

How To Cure Azoopsermia (Nil Sperms)?

After analysis, in spermless, there can be only two reasons if sperms are not found in male semen. One either obstacle in male reproductive system or problem of sperms production. When nil sperms causes due to stoppage of male reproductive system then it is called obstructive Azoospermia and when it the cause is of sperms production then it is called non obstructive Azoospermia.

Obstructive Azoospermia can be caused due to various factors like infection, prostatic ulcer, any surgery in past, any wound or absence of vas deference (vein which helps carrying sperms to male semen).All the situations can be handled through microsurgery or endoscopy other than absence of Vas deferens by birth. obstructive Azoospermia sperm regain technic can be used to do conceiving.

However, non-obstructive Azoospermia can be cured with the help of medicine which cause few men to produce semen due to early fall. For e.g.: coalman syndrome, varicocele, hyperprolactinemia etc. However in maximum cases, testicular reproduction is just a way to regain sperms biologically.

However, the problem with non-obstructive Azoospermia is that in male patient there are more than 50-60% sperms found. Along with that, disease related scan, for e.g.: size of testicular, serum fresh level(how much is the level of follicular stimulating hormone, result of biopsy and presence of semen in male sperms doesn’t prove that that they have cured completely).

Which Is Suitable For Azoospermia Treatment In Ayurveda(No Sperms) When Should It Be Treated?

A man who fails to visualize a biological family, and is in the right amount of sperm in his semen, he is judged with uncountable spermatozoon, and Bay is capable of this treatment.
Other symptoms related to having abnormal sperm include unusual color of semen such as green, yellow, red or brown (possibly due to blood presence), low amount of semen, abnormal or abnormal strong odor of thick or thin is suitable for treatment.

Who Is Not Perfect For Azoospermia(Nil Sperms)?

Who is not suitable for Azoospermia(Nil Sperms) treatment
Any male person who calculates healthy sperm and is capable of perception of a biological family, is not eligible for the treatment of Azoospermia.

Does Azoospermia Treatment Have Some Side Effects?

Even if you do not want to, Azoospermia treatment has some unpleasant side effects. The use of medicines, which can cause allergic reactions (i.e., the opposite of medicines), which can be the problem of vomiting, headache, chronic cure and liver. Some of the hormonal medicines may include edema (swelling in the body), oily skin, and even depression (psychological frustration).

Excessive bleeding from the Azoospermia treatment of spermatozoon (operation); Bladder, kidney, intestines, bleeding vessels (blood vessels/blood vessels) and other body parts may have side effects.

The increase in this treatment can also lead to fertility fad. When complete treatment is not done and using this treatment, if any person binds to take medicines only in the seed, then he is prone to pregnancy (female) from ordinary sexual activity (sex) Will not be able to maintain equality. If any person is suffering from all the impairment impulses, then he has advice for them to immediately check their own with a veteran doctor.

What Are The Guidelines After The Treatment Of Azoospermia In Ayurveda?

Increasing use of Azoospermia treatment in Ayurveda is advisable to take care of the bay, whatever medicines they have been given to them, keep them regularly, eat nutritious food, so that in the correct amount, in their body, the sperm is produced If possible, the person who has surgery (Operation) has done the rest to give rest to his body and mind for the right time.

If any person has this problem, it is not a complete treatment. In addition to this, both the conditions have a complete treatment of resistant and non-resistant spermatozoon.

When someone wants to treat themselves with surgical procedures (treatment by operation) or medical (medicines treated) ways, it is advisable that the bay should not complete the Azoospermia treatment, but it will not be possible to promote this disease. Due to the medicines taken during the treatment, any person is experiencing deflation or acute reaction. Then bay approaches his doctor as soon as possible and tells his problem.

Get your Azoospermia Solution

How Long Will It Take To Get Healthy After The Treatment Of Azoospermia In Ayurveda?

No fixed time can be described in the treatment of aspirin, as every expression does not cause the same as the cause of adolescence. Increasingly knowing the cause can be treated properly. However, for the person who suffers from this disease, it is not possible to solve this problem with Azoospermia treatment in Ayurveda.

Otherwise, the treatment of resistant and non-resistant spermatozoa is correlated with surgical or medical treatment. It takes two to three weeks for this treatment, as it increases, your doctor will say rest for some days (rest in the home) and you will be free from this problem.

What Is The Cost Of Treatment In India?

In different cities of India, there is a modest price for the treatment of aspirin (or spermatozoon) disease. It seems to be very big in the big city. So a little work in a few days, the cost of getting everything is worth 40,000 to 1,60,000 depending on the person to person for this treatment. What causes the state of spermatozoon (or aspirin) is born; it also counts in the remedial dam. For sperm evacuation process, it takes 50000 Rupees separately.

Is The Treatment of Azoospermia in Ayurveda Results Permanent?

The truth is that this treatment has 50% chance of recovering completely. For those who have this disease since birth, being free of this disease is not entirely accurate. Treatment of some non-resistant aspirin is completely full of medicines and some resistant Azoospermia are susceptible to sun protection (i.e., from operation). However, in most cases, the male patient gets the only way of biological family with an assisted reproduction of artificial sperm recovery from the testes.



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