Azeztulite gemstone

Azeztulite Gemstone

Azeztulite Gemstone Information
Azeztulite is a rare and light-bearing crystal. Azeztulite is a stone of new age. It is colourless or white with an opaque or clear in appearance. It has extremely pure vibration, one of the most refined in the mineral kingdom. It brings higher frequencies down to the earth. This crystal expands your consciousness. It helps you to give out a positive vibration. It helps to make you social and energized.

Azeztulite Source
Azeztulite is found in North Carolina. It is very rare and expensive.

Metaphysical Properties
Azeztulite increases your self-confidence. It is an excellent stone to boost positive energy. Its vibration shift is powerful, which can give you unpleasant side effects until it has been fully assimilated. The Opaque form of Azeztulite has less fine vibration.

Spiritually, Azeztulite facilitates meditation. It is a stone of vision and inspiration. It opens the third eye and higher crown chakra.

Azeztulite activates the ascension points at the base of the spine. It helps to heal the inner part of the abdomen.

Azeztulite in Gems Therapy | Healing
Azeztulite is traditionally used in the treatment of various diseases. It is an excellent stone for the treatment of cancer and cellular disorders. It helps to treat the nervous system and increases vitality and strength. This stone is also used in the treatment of kidney stones, and gallbladder stones.
It aids the chronic condition of disease. Most of Azeztulite healing work is at the spiritual vibration. It treats thyroid gland, bones, kidney, gall bladder. It encourages the development of an embryo in the womb.

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