Azeztulite - Quartz with Striations

Azeztulite – Quartz with Striations

Azeztulite is a stone found in North Carolina. This is available as clear or opaque quartz with striations and usually small. It is a rare and light-bearing crystal, Azeztulite is a stone for the New Age. Its extremely pure vibration is one of the most refined in the mineral kingdom, is attuned to the highest frequencies. It brings higher frequencies down to the earth to aid spiritual evolution.

Azeztulite crystal expands one’s consciousness and if you’re ready, it can lift your awareness and vibrations to a higher level. As your vibrations are raised, it helps you to give out a positive vibration to benefit others. It never requires cleansing and is always energized.


Azeztulite has remarkable benefits. This crystal is very useful for handling the vibration shift of the body and it induces powerful and can have unpleasant side effects until it has been fully assimilated. It helps in facilitating meditation, instantly inducing a state of “no mind” and providing a protective spiral around the physical body. It is useful for stimulating the Kundalini to rise up the spine. It opens the third eye chakra and helps the crown chakra to reach up to the spiritual level of the soul. Activation of the ascension points at the base of the spine, middle of the abdomen, and centre of the brain to shift to a higher vibration while still in the physical body is the main healing properties of this beautiful crystal.


At a physical level, this unique crystal is useful in the treatment of Cancer and other cellular disorders, and inflammation. It aids the chronically sick by revitalizing purpose and restores the will/ Most of the Azeztulite’s healing work is at the spiritual vibration, working on the chakra connections to higher reality and facilitating a vibrational shift.

How to wear?
This is a crystal which is not so soft; therefore care has to be taken for keeping it safe. You can wear this stone as finger ring or as a pendant. It can also be used in necklace studded along with other stone. The jewellery made of Azeztulite should be taken utmost care. Harsh chemicals and soaps should be avoided while cleaning stone. Soft cloth and soft water should be used for cleaning jewellery made and should be kept safely in a box after proper cleansing.


The price of Azeztulite depends on the cut, clarity and the colour of the crystal, but the highly prized gemstone price can vary between INR 500 to INR 1000 per carat. But before buying this stone always ask for the certificate of authenticity from a reputed gemstone seller because there are many sellers who sell fake gemstones in the name of the original stone. If you wish to buy Azeztulite Online in India then you can visit our e-store Astrokapoor. We’re the leaders in the gemstones industry; all our gemstones are certified by a reputed gem lab such as IGI or GIA. We also provide testing certificates to our clients.

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