Basis of Astrology

Basis of Astrology

Basis of Astrology
The science of Hindu Astrology is based on the principle of evolution in time, that speaks that every cause must produce an action. The actions of every object are far-reaching, in fact, affecting the whole universe as the object itself may be regarded as a responsible. Every action-physical, moral and mental-produces in its turn another action. Astrology simply indicates the results of such actions. The human ego has undergone many births previous and has still to pass through many an incarnation before it can become one with the Supreme Being. In the course of its evolution, it seeks higher or lower forms of terrestrial existence, according to the good or bad deeds of its previous birth. Planets indicate the results of our past actions, our future, which is divined by the science of astrology. Astronomy is the foundation of Astrology. Stars and planets are the manifestation of matter in space and always obey the law of gravitation. They can be located if we know the time and the actual factors employed are the planets, the signs, constellations and the other celestial phenomena.

The zodiac and the Solar System
The zodiac is the main solid matter in the heavens extending 9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the Sun’s path and it passes exactly through the centre of the zodiac longitudinally. The zodiac is invisible to the naked eye but is only detected by watching the movements of the planets. The ecliptic is specified into 12 equal compartments, the sign of the zodiac, each being 30 degrees in extent. The solar system is headed by the sun and consists himself of the Moon, Mars, Mercury. Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

The Constellations
The ecliptic is marked by 27 constellations or stellar points and is measured at intervals of 13-1/3 degrees of longitude from the first point of Aries along the ecliptic. Therefore, we can infer that if we know the longitude of a planet, we can say the constellation. According to the Hindu astrology, the zodiacal sings and constellation are identical, and each constellation is further subdivide into four quarters and each quarter is equal to 3-1/3 degrees of longitude on the ecliptic.

Peculiarities of the Signs
Each sign has its own peculiarities
Aries ruled by the Mars and masculine and movable sign, odd, cruel and fiery.
Taurus ruled by the Venus is fixed, feminine, mild earthy rising by the hinder part.
Gemini is ruled by the Mercury and common, odd, masculine, cruel and airy sign.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, movable, feminine, mild watery, rising by the hinder part, and fruitful.
Leo is ruled by the Sun, odd, masculine, cruel, fiery and barren.
Virgo is ruled by the Mercury, common, feminine, earthy of long ascension and rising by the head.
Libra is ruled by the Venus, movable, odd, masculine, cruel and airy.
Scorpio is again ruled by the Mars, fixed, feminine, mild , watery and rising by the head.
Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter and common, odd, masculine, cruel and fiery.
Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. It is even, feminine, mild, earthy and rises by the hinder part.
Aquarius is ruled by the Saturn. It is fixed, odd, masculine, cruel, fruitful and airy.
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It is water, even, mild, of short ascension and rising by head.

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