Benefic planets affect on life as per vedic astrology

Benefic Planets Affect on life as per Vedic Astrology

How do the benefic planets affect your life as per vedic astrology?

Effect of Benefic Planets. How do planets affect our lives.  Astronomy is a crucial part of science and Vedic astrology can be called as its sub-set. The nine planets revolving around the Sun can leave an everlasting impact on our lives. In vedic astrology, the nine planets in our constellation are said to be the most vital criteria that can define their importance in people’s life. The placement of these planets in our nakshatra is what makes or breaks everything. Even though vedic astronomy isn’t a 100% accurate formula to improve your lives, but the placement of planets in your houses can help you find ways and solutions to reinstate your life. In such a limelight, vedic gemstones act as solutions for people. But here, we will only focus upon what are benefic planets. Affect of Benefic Planets.

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Benefic planets through the table

Have a look at the table below to understand the four main benefic planets in vedic astrology.

This is a mind-planet and also the Mother. Moon is associated with money.Affect of Benefic Planets is unique.This planet is the ruler for intelligence. It affects your communication ability and keeps you strong in your brain game.Venus is a planet for relationship and love. It affects your lifestyle, sex life, prosperity, money, beauty and youthfulness.Jupiter is also known as ‘Guru.’ People who are influenced by Jupiter are spiritually inclined and intelligent.
This planet can have an important effect on your emotions, positivity and prosperity.People having strong Mercury have excellent grasping power and are business oriented. Writing, teaching and speaking abilities are strong in people with this planet.Venus is mostly the planet associated with women and beauty comes along with this planet.Wisdom and education are associated with this planet and this planet supports expansion, travel and relationships.
With Moon on the right places in your birth chart, you become a happy individual with much more physical attractiveness and social harmony.If Mercury sits at the right place in your ‘nakshatra,’ you are a logical thinker, alert and agile individual and great in Math.When an individual has strong Venus, they tend to enjoy an excellent married life with contentedness and appreciation towards arts.Jupiter can define the amount of wealth that people can earn in their life. With strong Jupiter, an individual can turn out to be well educated.
Absence of Moon in the right place can lead to hardships, depression and anxiety in one’s life.With weak Mercury, people become harsh and have weak, negative and afflicted personality. Affect of Benefic Planets can’t be neglected.However, on the opposite, if Venus isn’t strong, it can create disharmony and problems in relationships.In case the Jupiter is doomed, it leads to a complete failure in material prosperity.



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