Benefits of Jasper Gemstone

Benefits of Jasper Gemstone

Jasper is also known as the gem of “supreme nurture”, and it has also been referred in the holy Bible. It is a protective stone as it supports one during the stress and brings tranquility and wholeness in the life of the wearer. Jasper gemstone unifies all aspects of the life and reminds one to help each other. Some of the benefits of Jasper which makes it a unique stone are:
1) Jasper aligns the chakra and can be used in chakra layout.
2) Jasper gemstone facilitates the shamanic journeys and dream recall.
3) Jasper balances the Yin and Yang energy and aligns the chakras and the auras.
4) Jasper imparts determination to pursuits all dreams of life.
5) Jasper encourages honesty within the self and imparts self-recognition.
6) Jasper gemstone aids quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through.
7) It stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action.
8) Jasper supports the circulatory and the digestive system and also heals the sexual organs.
9) Jasper balances the mineral content of the body and is particularly useful as a gem elixir because it does not over stimulate the body.
10) Jasper prolongs sexual pleasure and supports one during the prolonged illness.
11) Some of the important types of Jasper are Blue Jasper, Brown Jasper, Green Jasper, Purple Jasper, Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Mookaite and Picture Jasper.
12) The price of the Jasper depends on the cut, clarity and the color of the gemstone, the best quality jasper my fetch price between INR200 to INR 5000 per carat.
13) Brown jasper is a unique stone and is connected to the earth and encourages ecological awareness. As results it brings stability and is useful for removing the geopathic stress.
14) Picture Jasper is believed to be the Earth Mother speaking to her children.
15) Jasper gemstone is found in red, brown, yellow, green, blue and purple in color.
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