Benefits of K2 Jasper

Benefits of K2 Jasper

2 Jasper is mostly used name for the beautiful rock because it is actually not Jasper. If it is examined with a magnifying glass, minerals and black flakes of biotite can be seen. This is a newly found unusual stone and is named from it’s foothills of the world’s second highest mountain, Mount K2 in Pakistan.

K2 gives success as per Akashic records and is a valuable stone for the people who are engages in soul retrieval. It has a very high vibration. Some of the remarkable benefit of K2 Jasper are as follows:

1) It helps to sustain during the time of emergency.
2) K2 Jasper unifies all aspects of life and reminds people to help each other.
3) K2 Jasper aligns the chakras of the body and can be used in chakra layout.
4) K2 Jasper facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall.
5) It provides protection and ground energies and the body.
6) K2 Jasper supports one during the necessary conflicts.
7) It is very useful for increasing the sexual pleasure and doesn’t over stimulate the body.
8) K2 Jasper is particularly used as a gem elixir because it heals all aspects of the body.
9) K2 Jasper removes the problems of assertivity and makes one responsible and dedicated towards the work.
10) It absorbs negative energy of the body and cleanses and aligns the chakras of the body.
11) K2 Jasper balances the yin and yang energy of the body.
12) K2 Jasper stimulates the heart chakra of the body.
13) K2 Jasper treats skin disorders and dispels the bloating of the abdomen.
14) K2 Jasper reduces toxicity and inflammation.
15) K2 Jasper facilitates deep meditation and removes depressive conditions of the body.

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