Benefits of Amethyst-Kataila

Benefits of Amethyst-Kataila

Amethyst is a very rare form of quartz. Amethyst is a very popular in the world. It is also called as Kataila. It is also used in the place of Blue Sapphire as a substitute stone. Amethyst is a stone of unconditional love. It strengthens the bonds between the two partners.

Amethyst/kataila is a fairly hard gem. It has a soft surface. It is usually a six sided crystal. It is found all across the globe. It has a composition of manganese. It is found in the natural form, but some stones are heated to produce a darker shade of purple.

Although it is found in purple color, some stones can be found in light and dark purple. But the best stone is light purple and dark purple with a bit of rose coloring. It is used since ancient time for many purposes. It is helpful to combat alcohol addiction in a person. It also removes body pains and sleeping disorders.

How can Amethyst help you?
Amethyst/kataila has a heap of healing properties. Like tourmaline crystal, Amethyst crystal produces small detectable magnetic fields. Since the human body has a magnetic field, it can exchange the energy with one another.

Source of courage and love
Amethyst is a source of courage and love. It brings good luck and happiness between two people. It protects one from the state of getting guilty mind.
Brings Love and Harmony
It brings love and harmony and cherishes the social life. This violet stone strengthens the marital life. It increases the bond of love and harmony.

Stabilizes Mind
Amethyst stabilizes the mind and removes the negative thought. It brings calm sleep. It is very useful in the treatment of insomnia. As it stabilizes the mind, it helps to remove the sleeplessness.

Healing Effect
This violet stone heals the physical body. It removes depression and mental melancholia. It prevents the wearer from the psychic attack also.

Important Things To Remember
To derive all these benefits, it is very essential that you should use an unblemished and an authentic stone. Also, if you are wearing Amethyst with an astrology based purpose, make it sure to follow the rules of astrology.



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