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Benefits of Moonstone

Benefits of Moonstone

Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone is a gemstone associated with Moon. People and planet today both are facing difficulties related to love and relationship. Mainly because the yin/yang or male and female energies are unbalanced today. Nature and the universal order needs that the male and female positive energies remain balanced in harmony. Moonstone is an excellent for females who are overly sensitive and overly aggressive. Consequently, this gemstone is extremely beneficial for males that fail to get touch with their feminine energies. Moonstone is the stone which helps in meditation and helps one to honor the feminine principle in them.

• It is an excellent feminine stone and is good for balancing the feminine energy with the yang.

• Good for relaxing and calming the mind due to the Moon calming effect.

• Moonstone has been known to stimulate the pineal gland and hormonal cycles.

• It is known for centuries for attracting the good fortune.

• Moonstone enhances the psychic abilities and self-expression.

• Moonstone attracts good fortune and helps in predicting future.

• Moonstone has been known for centuries as the stone for making good fortune.

• Moonstone attracts Soulmate and love.

• Moonstone brings success in the matter of love and business.

• It opens heart and sacral chakra of the body and also increases the psychic abilities for the body.

• It is considered as a travelling stone because it helps talisman and sea dwellers.

• It is useful in enhancing inspiration and intuition.

• This is an excellent gemstone for removing negativity from all chakras of the body.

• Moonstone is beneficial for creative person, especially those in the music and acting industries.

• Moonstone is sued for healing and it heals the pineal gland and also balances internal hormone production cycle.

• It helps to bring success in the matter of love and finance.

• This helps in maintain the emotional balance and control aggression of the body.

• This is an excellent gemstone in exploring their emotional side and controls the aggression with Yin energy.

• It is a calming stone and removes stress and eliminates the negativity from the body.

• It helps to cure diseases of pancreas, stomach and liver and improves the digestive system and hormonal growth in the body.

• It is said to bring power of love and magic and brings true love in the wearer.

• This stone removes toxins from the body.

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