Benefits of Okenite

Benefits of Okenite

Top Benefits of Okenite
Okenite is a white coloured gemstone with long and fibrous banded appearance on the surface. It can be easily obtained from the specialists shops and the main source of Okenite is India. It has a soft and a furry energy and is one of the stone of the New Age. People usually wear Okenite to attain the spiritual plane because Okenite links one to the higher self and supports the conscious manifestations of its energy.

Benefits of Okenite
1) It clears the obstacles from the path and helps one to have a winning over the circumstances of life.
2) Okenite pinpoints karmic debts and opportunities that help you to grow assisting in understanding the past karmic debts.
3) Okenite facilitates the deep karmic healing at all levels of life.
4) Okenite can be used for preparing the channeling and purifies the chakra and physical subtle bodies.
5) Okenite is a stone of truth and it instills truthfulness in yourself and others.
6) It helps one to accept love and the truth that exits to be accepted.
7) Okenite brings deep self-forgiveness and promotes completion of the karmic cycle.
8) Okenite teaches that everything is a part of cycle of learning soul’s lesson and then growing from that knowledge.
9) Okenite brings deep self-forgiveness and promotes the completion of the karmic cycle.
10) Okenite facilitates in changing the mind, releases old pattern, and brings in new, more appropriate beliefs.
11) Okenite is a stone of truth and instills the value of truth self in a person.
12) Okenite encourages the flow of blood, milk, and acts as a boon for nursing mother.
13) It stimulates the circulation of blood in upper part of the body.
14) Okenite pendant if worn around the neck can help to relive from the low blood pressure.
15) Okenite is can be worn by the people born in any month and is not a particular birthstone.
16) Okenite as an elixir treats the skin infection.

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