Benefits of Sapphire

Benefits of Sapphire

Sapphire is also known as wisdom stone. Sapphire is found in bright and transparent appearance. Some Sapphire colors are rare but most are easily obtained as uncut stones. Sapphire’s are mostly found in Myanmar. Czech Republic, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka. This is a famous stone for relieving depression and other psychic tendencies in a man.
Some benefits of sapphire that make it a gem of a gem are
1) A sapphire stone calms the overactive mind.
2) Sapphire gemstone is very useful to bring peace of mind and is very useful in bringing the concentration to a good level.
3) Sapphire calms overactive body systems and regulates the glands.
4) Sapphire is very useful in removing the impurities and prosperity.
5) It is useful in the treatment of blood disorders and alleviates excessive bleeding and strengthens the veins.
6) Sapphire is protective and a centring gemstone.
7) Black sapphire imparts confidence in one’s own intuition.
8) Blue Sapphire is a seeker and after spiritual truth. Traditionally it is related to the love and purity of the soul and is extremely effective for the earth and the chakra healing.
9) Green Sapphire improves the vision, both inner and outer and improves dream recall.
10) Pink Sapphire awakens the sleeping soul. It is helpful for meditation and stimulates the kundalini.
11) Royal sapphire eliminates the negative energies from the chakras and stimulates the third eye.
12) White Sapphire has an extremely pure energy and opens the crown chakra. It takes spiritual awareness to a very high space and opens the cosmic consciousness.
13) Yellow Sapphire attracts wealth to the home and can be placed in the cash box to increase prosperity.
14) Yellow sapphire is also useful for the single girl and boy for finding the suitable match for them.



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