Benefits of Parad Shivalinga

Benefits of Parad Shivalinga

Parad Shivalinga is the most sacred and a wonderful boon for humanity. This is gifted by the Gods to the human being. It is a symbol of good luck and attainment of growth and success in life. Keeping Parad Shivalinga can bring peace in the home atmosphere and is very useful if one is passing by the stressful condition of life. The Lingam is an oval symbol of Shiva. The Shivalinga is a symbol of Lord Shiva.It has been said that if one keeps Shivalinga at home and worships it or just have a glimpse of it can solve the incoming problems of life. It is also very useful for the one who wants to attain highest form of spirituality in life.

The text Ras Martand says about Shivalinga
A million times more fruitful is to worship a Parad Shivalinga than worshipping a thousand Shivalinga. Just looking at the Parad Shivalinga helps to neutralize the negative energy. Touching a Parad Shivalinga makes one free from all the worries and sins of life. These are the words none other than Lord Shiva. It is also very useful for the people suffering from the mental trauma and continued failures in life. This Shivalinga if kept in the pooja room can bring immense luck and growth in the house. It decreases the stress and mental trauma by bringing positive vibes in the life of the wearer.



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