Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone
Red Coral also called as “Lal Moonga”, is the best gemstone for bringing the positive effect of Mars. There are remarkable benefits of wearing red coral gemstone ahead and those who are suffering from the malefic effect of Mars. Like pearl stone, coral is also a mystical stone which is valuable part of the ocean. Being structured of delicate skeletons, the sturdiness of red coral gemstone is momentous. If we see from the visionary point of view, wearing a red coral stone empowers person to beat the sick impact of the malefic situation of the Mars planet or Mangal in the horoscope.

Mangal or Mars is considered as a fiery planet and planet of war and vitality. It has been given the status of president amongst the nine planets of the earth’s planetary group. If Mars is in the incapacitated position, it can cause Mangal Dosha in the horoscope. It cans also makes one prone to cuts, wounds, and operations. All these issues are related to the malefic Mars and it can be fought with an inexplicable coral stone.

Restorative Value of Coral Gemstone
The valuable red coral gemstone is for those people who need to get positive result of Mars and battle issues and infections created by its sick situation in their horoscope. The gemstone has brilliant corrective properties and demonstrated well bring, to such a degree and to the point that it helps in the transformation of its color when the wearer experiences any sort of physical ailment.

The best shape of red coral gemstone is the triangular shape. The triangular red coral is rarely found. It is best for making a pendant and can also be studded as a ring. The appropriate finger to wear red coral is the ring finger because there is no such finger assigned for wearing a red coral stone.

Price of Red Coral
The price of the stone depends on the cut, color and clarity. No doubt, the best quality red coral fetches more price than ordinary coral stone. The price may vary between INR 1000 per carat to INR 5000 per carat. The meal appropriate for wearing coral stone is gold of panchdhatu.

Healing Properties
The red coral gemstone is a valuable for lightning ailments that are associated with blood, as for example, blood contaminations, sickliness and unfavorable susceptibilities, other than boosting the resistance levels of the wearer. Red coral which is recuperating is accepted to clean and expand blood levels in the body. It is also bets for healing typhoid, shortcoming, hack bronchitis, and bile sickness.

The best quality coral gemstone is brilliant red in color, however, it is also found in different colours as well, in the same way as red pink, saffron and vermilion red. It is sourced from various nations, for example, USA, Tunisia, Australia, China and Japan. Red Corl ring is to be made in silver, gold or panchdhatu. Before buying red coral gemstone ask for the certificate of authenticity from reputed gem lab because there are many gemstone seller who sells fake stone in the name of red coral.

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