Beryl gemstone

Beryl Gemstone

Beryl is an excellent gemstone which is very helpful in a stressful condition. Beryl is found in pink, golden, yellow, green, white and blue in colour. It has a prismatic crystal-like appearance. It is readily available and quite expensive.

Source: Beryl is commonly found in United States, Russia, Australia, Brazil, France and Norway.

Beryl opens and activates the crown and solar plexus chakra. It calms the stressed mind. It encourages positive vibrations in your life. Beryl also enhances courage. It removes tension and relieves stress. Beryl reawakens the lost love in life.

Beryl is an excellent stone for healing. It is used in Medical Astrology. It heals the organ of elimination. It also stimulates the pulmonary and circulatory system. Beryl heals the pancreas, liver and circulatory system. It also acts as a sedative stone. It helps to protect from the environment pollution and toxins

Career and Profession
Beryl is very useful for different professions and students. It is very useful for the people who are in the profession of teaching and administration. It is very useful for the professional who wants to achieve an excellent result in their profession. Beryl enhances the concentration of the students and helps them to achieve success in their studies. This stone is very helpful for improving memory power. It enhances the intuition also.

Beryl is found in various colours
Golden Beryl is used in meditation. It helps to promote purity and aids the will to succeed.
Pink Beryl (Morganite) attracts and maintains affection. It balances the loving thoughts. It activates the heart chakra. It relieves tension and stress. It opens the crown and solar plexus. It calms the nervous system. Morganite is a powerful stone, which dissolves conscious or unconscious resistance to the healing process. It cures heart problem and lung blockage. Morganite is very powerful for healing impotence and vertigo.
Red Beryl (Bixbite) It heals both the base chakra.

Beryl in Medical Astrology
All the varieties of Beryl is used in the healing of disease. It is an excellent stone for curing chronic disease.

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