Best benefit of emerald

Best Benefits of Emerald

Emerald also known as Panna is the gemstone of Mercury. It is a stone of inspiration and thought. This is a stone of affirmation and possesses a great integrity. It brings great integrity in the life of the wearer. Partnership and love are enhanced by wearing emerald/ panna gemstone. It promotes friendship and tries to keeps a partnership in balance. If it changes color, it is said to signal unfaithfulness. Emerald opens the heart chakra and has a calming effect on the emotions.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald
Panna gemstone ensures physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. It brings about positive actions and also supports one at the time of emergency. Traditionally, it was known to support from the enchantment and ploys of a magician, and to foretell the future. Psychologically, Emerald gives the strength of the character to overcome the misfortunes of the life. It is also known as the stone of regeneration and recovery and can also heal the negative emotion. Emerald imparts mental clarity, strengthens the memory and is a wisdom stone.

Good Health with Emerald
Good health is a boon of emerald. If one is suffering from constant pain and health issue, then wearing emerald can give lot of benefits. Likewise, wearing an emerald can delay the shots of delayed work for pregnant women. It is one of that gemstone that can cure the disease related to the skin disorders. It fortifies the cerebrum and is useful in increasing the memory power of the person. As it belongs to Mercury, fundamentally it is a gemstone of Mercury.
Mercury is the ruler of communication and knowledge. Those children who are having difficulty in memory and concentration power can wear this gemstone in a locket. However, before wearing emerald, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer. A well placed Mercury gives intellect and wisdom power. If the placement of Mercury is not in a favorable position then wearing a natural emerald / panna gemstone can enhance the effect of Mercury.

Best Benefit of Emerald Gemstone
• It brings happiness and charm in the life.
• Wisdom and knowledge is increased by wearing emerald gemstone.
• It makes one soft spoken and understanding.
• It is the birthstone for Virgo and Gemini ascendant.
• It can help to cure skin problem and nervous disorders.
• Concentration power is increased by wearing panna.
• It is the gemstone of politician, academician, engineers, doctors and teachers.



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