Best Pearl Gemstone In India

Best Pearl Gemstone In India

Pearl is also called “Moti”, in Hindi. It is ruled by the Moon, the gloomy planet of the solar system. In general, everyone wears Pearl as an ornament but to get the complete astrological benefits, it has to be worn such that it touches the skin of the wearer. Natural Peal studded in silver or gold with suitable weight is the best choice to get astrological benefits. It can be worn as ring in the small finger of right hand for men and for women, it has to be worn in the left hand of small finger.

Pearl can also be used as locket for convenience.

Pearl Gemstone Benefits:

Pearl stone is beneficial for those how to have good placement of Moon in the horoscope. It is also good for increasing the income, mental peace and health of the wearer. It is the best gemstone to calm down the stress and brings stability in the mood.
Those who are wearing Pearl should visit Lord Shiva temple and offer prayers to increase the good effect of Pearl and get blessings of Moon. Moon is believed to be the brother of Lord Lakshmi, the mother of wealth.

How to wear Pearl: Pearl should be worn on Monday after 4:00 PM. Wearing Perl gemstone after offering prayers to Lord Shiva will bring good effects to the wearer. The gemstone should be drenched in fresh milk and then washed with water. Then it can be worn after offering prayers to Lord Moon.

Precautions while wearing Pearl

After wearing Pearl it is essential that one respects his or her mother. Try to avoid being a flirt with other women. It is also advised to offer regular prayers to Lord Shiva.

Pearl can be worn with ruby, yellow sapphire and coral stones. Do not wear Pearl which had already been used.

Side Effects: It can cause headaches, migraine it doesn’t suit you.

It can be worn along with ruby, yellow sapphire, coral stones.

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