Birth No 2

Birth Number 2

All those born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are governed by the birth number 2. Number 2 is governed by the planet Moon. People having birth number 2 are governed and dominated by the characteristic if Moon. It shows high imagination, idealism, and dreamy nature. The person has a huge amount of fantasies and takes a practical approach in life. Birth Number 2 people love natural and beautiful things in life as sea, flowers, and vastness of the sky. People of this number take pleasure in spending hours in the company of the high tides of the sea.
The person ruled by this number is very unsteady, fickle minded and a lover of change. He, therefore, has a fancy for travel, especially long travels. A person born between 20th June and 20th July is also governed by number 2.

Finance for Birth Number 2 People

A person governed by this number is lethargic and is not capable of doing any hard work. He also does not have the physical capacity to stand the strain of everyday life. People governed by this number can improve their financial condition by the imagination of their own creativity. They may be a good author, a painter who can create novels and weird paintings and earn a good livelihood.

Marriage and Friends

People born under birth number 2 has a natural attraction towards person born in the period between 21st October and 20th November and between 19th February and 20th March. It is therefore advisable to find marriage partners from this period.

Fortunate Days
The lucky days for this number are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Lucky Numbers
All shades of white, cream or blue.

Lucky Gemstones and Stones
The lucky gemstone for birth number 2 is Pearls and Diamonds and lucky stones are Moonstones and Agate.

Please Note – Gemstones depends upon the thorough analysis of the individual birth chart.



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