Birthstone Benefits for July Born

Birthstone Benefits for July Born

Birthstone Benefits for July Born

Cancer or the Crab, as it is popularly known, is the fourth sign on the zodiac wheel. People born between June 21 and July 22 come under this astrological sign and have Moon as their ruling planet. Astrokapoor astrologers recommend Ruby as the birthstone for Cancer born. Ruby can offer effective guidance towards every aspect of life for a Cancerian. Love and life are said to be synonymous with Cancerians, and is reflected in the color of the ruby, which is generally pink to dark red in color. The crystalline nature and color of the ruby are believed to possess factors that directly impact the user. With this birthstone both the positive and negative personality attributes of the wearer can be influenced.

Ruby is considered the birthstone for Cancer as it conducts the energy of its ruling planet Moon. This birthstone makes the planet sympathetic towards the wearer and brings about various changes in life of the wearer apart from helping attain compassion for sentient beings around them.

How to wear Ruby: Ruby is generally worn from 3 to 6 carats either in light or dark red and even pink on the ring finger. It is generally accompanied by a gold or copper ring and should be ideally worn in the morning of Sundays. The best time to wear a ruby is considered to be around 6:00 am to 7:00 am.

For the purification and activation of the birthstone, the wearer should dip the ring in the milk, honey and pure water for around 20 to 30 mins. After this they should burn five incense sticks and offer prayers to Surya Deva and ask for his blessings. This should be followed by taking the ring out of the pure water and circle it around the incense sticks 11 times, while reciting the OM SURYAYA NAMAH mantra. The ring can only be worn on the ring finger after this process is complete.

Effects of the Ruby: It instills courage and confidence to the wearer’s personality, which leads to improvements in the various aspects of life. It also prepares the wearer for challenges and gives them the ability to fulfill their responsibilities with ease. As mentioned earlier, Ruby fills the wearer’s heart with generosity and compassion for all life. Success and mental satisfaction accompanied with a happy state of mind can be also be attained by the wearer of the ruby.

Healing properties: A Cancerian is prone to certain health problems, including diseases related to blood pressure, infections of various kinds, weak eyesight and different kind of heart problems etc. Wearing the Ruby can help combat these issues as the positive force of this birthstone energizes the entire body. It also prompts mental endurance to help the wearer naturally fight certain diseases by virtue of absolute will power.

Ruby tends to start showing beneficial effects within 30 days after wearing it. The lifespan of the stone is considered to be around 4 years, during which it provides its full effects, before becoming inactive. It is recommended by astrologers that one should change the gemstone after it becomes inactive.

As a general rule any stone with internal cracks or irregularities should be avoided and clearer stones should be preferred.

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