Birthstone for April

Birthstone for April

Birthstones or gemstones are unique to your birth month
When we are3 born, we are associated with lucky charms and also with the month and time that we are born – it brings tons of lucky elements for yourself too, but they may coincide with another person in the world, but its rare. These lucky elements can be days, colours and gemstones. Yes, the stone of birth i.e. the birthstone or gemstones are unique to your birth month. So, what’s in store for all who are born in the fourth month of the year?

The best birthstone for people born in April
April born, you should be glad, you have 4 birthstones, and you can choose any one of them. Opal, Sapphire, Diamond and Clear Quartz are the lucky stone for you. You can choose to carry these stones as it is with you everywhere you go, or keep it close to your mind and heart.

About Diamond as a birthstone for April born people
We know that woman loves diamond, men always want to possess this birthstone if they are born in April. Why? It is believed that this stone has got the power to bring good luck and also helps to prevent any kind of misfortune. As we know, this is the hardest gemstone available on Earth, yet it is worth to find.

About Sapphire as a birthstone for April born people
This gemstone was possessed by Roman people in ancient times. Afterwards, it was adopted by the Italian, Russians and Arabic. Before this gemstone became the lucky gemstone for April, it was more associated with the Taurus sign, which also happens to be the sun sign for April born people. It brings spiritual enlightenment.

About Clear Quartz as a birthstone for April born people
Also known as rock crystal, this stone is a very famous birthstone for people born in the fourth month of the year. This is colorless and is less expensive; you can wear it easily as an accessory piece. When compared to diamond, it is less expensive and more preferred. Why it is the birthstone for April? It is known that wearing this stone brings happiness and peace.

About Opal as a birthstone for April born people
Last but not the least, this gemstone is from Tibetan times. It is found in various colors and opal being the most expensive in the varieties. The Romans used to wear this gemstone considering it as a symbol of purity and still continues.

How to buy these gemstones?
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