Blue Sapphire Astrology

Blue Sapphire Astrology

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is the stone of planet SATURN, SHANI. According to Hindu Shastras, Shani is the sin of Surya. His mother is Chaya, second wide of Surya, the Sun. Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar system and takes almost 2 years six months to transits from one house to another.

As per Indian Astrology, Saturn is the Kaal Purusha
Saturn is the magistrate among all nine planets in the solar system. He decides good and bad results for a native.
Saturn is said to be the planet possessing wicked nature. Shani if in the benefic position in the horoscope gives immense benefit to the wearer.

Saturn is powerful planet whose position in one’s horoscope strongly influences one’s work and employment, as well as obstacles one must overcome in order to succeed in one’s chosen field. Saturn is associated with the color blue, darkness, obstinacy, gambling and chronic diseases. He governs aging and death and yoga and foreign travel. Saturn can also induce compassion, charity, longevity, meditative insight and public influence.

When saturn is exalted, it gives long life and makes a person full of charitable disposition. But if it is weak in the horoscope, he can give headaches, neuralgia and other disorders of the nervous system.

Actually, Saturn bring the person on the right path of life by giving punishment on different levels.

Wearing Blue Saphire Gemstone
1) Wearing blue sapphire gemstone can remove the financial hurdles and gives mental peace to the wearer.
2) The wearer of the blue sapphire becomes calm and compassionate.
3) Wearing a blue sapphire is beneficial for the people who are in the business of petrochemicals, coal industry, iron ore, mustard, oil, salt, transportation, black colored material etc.
4) Blue sapphire gemstone is also good for the politician, magistrates and lawyer.
5) It protects the wearer from diseases such as obesity, nervous disorders, muscles and bone pain, calf muscles and legs pain.
6) Wearing blue sapphire during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Saturn can give benefit to the wearer.
7) Blue Sapphire protects one from accidents.
8) Never wear Blue Sapphire without consulting a proper astrologer.



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