Blue Sapphire Gemstone Astrological Benefits

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Astrological Benefits

Blue Sapphire and Its Effects
Blue Sapphire is the rarest gemstone till now. It is the most beneficial gemstone for increasing the good effect of Saturn. Blue sapphire is found in Sri Lanka (Ceylonese). The color of the gemstone is cornflower blue to soft blue in color. Blue Sapphire gemstone is known to bring the fortune and the wellness of a person. It is the luckiest gemstone for the Taurus and Libra ascendant but before wearing, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer.

Blue Sapphire Health Benefits
Consequently, wearing Blue Sapphire has a mediating effect on the brain and the mind of the person. It removes depression and negative thoughts and enhances one with the positive energy and positive aura. This is a precious gemstone and it has is very effective in removing the ill health of the wearer. This is the fastest acting gemstone and cats on the wearer and improves the overall well-being of the wearer.
Blue sapphire is very useful in healing the mental disease and skin disease as it can be caused due to the ill placement of Saturn in the horoscope.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Astrological Benefits
Blue Sapphire is ruled by the slow planet of solar system Saturn, but it is the fastest acting gemstone. The major and the minor astrological phase of Saturn in the life of a person may cause difficulties in the health, job and in the relationship area. Wearing blue sapphire can give of benefits by removing the hurdles and bestow a person with health, wealth and happiness, but before wearing blue sapphire, it is essential to take proper consultation from an expert astrologer because wearing blue sapphire without proper guidance may give negative impact to the wearer. It is the beneficial gemstone for the Taurus and the Libra ascendant as Saturn is the lord of beneficial house in both these zodiac.

Blue Sapphire Identification
Blue Sapphire can be identified by the bright blue or cornflower blue color. It is composed of mineral corundum, the hardest mineral found on the earth’s surface so before buying be sure that you’re buying an original blue sapphire (Neelam), take certificate of authentication certified by GIA or IGI. There are many gemstones seller who may sell fake Bangkok blue sapphire created in the lab, so it is essential to buy gemstone from a reputed gemstone and jewelry seller.

Blue Sapphire Wearing Day
It should be worn on Saturday after sunset and the ring should be made in silver. Sometimes due to planetary combinations in a horoscope, it can also be studded in gold or bronze.

Mantra for wearing Blue sapphire
Gemstone should be worn after proper energization. The scared mantra “ Om Brim Brhum Shanicharaya Namah” should be enchanted 11 times before wearing the gemstone.

Blue sapphire gemstone is also called as gemstone of wealth. It gives the wearer luck in the profession and the job. It is very useful for the person who wants to attain professional growth and upliftment in the educational area.

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